Friday, 6 August 2010

Add a little colour

It's been grey, rainy and dull around here (it is winter), so it's time to inject a little more colour and warmth into life.  How about this bright and cheerful iron board cover found at the local supermarket?  Almost makes me look forward to ironing!

 A bright stripey bag to house some of my crochet wool.

Two spotty crazy mugs for a lovely warming cuppa!

Bright camelias on a flowery tray and yummy choc coated tiny teddies.  Mmmmm.....chocolate, very warming.

Pretty coloured wool and a latte.

Look at these gorgeous primulas, so pretty to look at when it's raining outside.

I hope your days are filled with colour and warmth.

Anne  :-)

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  1. Such a good idea for seeing how colours interact together... if the flowers match so will the yarn. Just can't beat natures colours.. :))


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