Thursday, 18 September 2014

Animals, birds and insects

One of the things I wanted to do this trip to the farm was to look for different things to photograph.  Pets aren't particularly different but the wildlife is. 

While walking along the creek I spotted this lizard which looks like a bobtail but has brown stripes which is unusual.  I'm assured it is in fact a bobtail. 

One of two regular bobtails in Mum's garden this morning.

Mum's 17 year old cat Humphrey.

He adores Mum and loves to have a snuggle.

My brother's dog Bonnie sunning herself.

Lying on my lap.
Bonnie and Humphrey have a bit of a stand off.

Silhouette of a Crested pigeon

Noisy miner

This Butcher Bird was not very happy with me walking around his territory and made a lot of noise.

Jewel spider

Native bee


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Farm scenes

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the bush wild flower photos from my last post.  Below are selection of photos taken during my walks around the farm.

This photos was taken standing beside my favourite tree on the edge of the dry creek bed which runs through the farm.  I love the constrast of the new and old wood.

Taken late afternoon while walking along the creek bed which can be seen on the right.

A wheat crop in head with Salmon gums in the distance.

Old farm machinery.

More Salmon gums.

I love these wide open spaces and old farm gates.

More to come.

Anne xx

Monday, 15 September 2014

Bush walk

Hello from Western Australia where the weather has been a mixed bag.  I arrived to a wet, cold and very windy state.  The weather has calmed and the days are now warmer with lovely sunshine.  I've been very busy gardening for Mum as the weeds have taken off in a big way.  With the snake season just around the corner, I'm keen to get rid of long grass in garden beds so if any slithery creatures decide to visit they can be seen.

I have taken the opportunity to do one of the things I love while visiting home which is walking in the bush adjacent to the farm.  This time of the year there are some wild flowers in bloom and orchids can still be seen although they are past their best.  There is a very distinct smell to the bush and one I love.  Below are some photos I took on my walk.  There are rather a few so you might want to grab a cuppa before having a look. Many of the flowers photographed are tiny and I don't know the names of many.

Walking down the track to the bush which is in the top left hand side of the photo.  The yellow daisy like flowers are Cape weed and originally come from South Africa.

The old track we use to walk or cycle along to catch the school bus.  At the edge of the bush is a gravel road used for local traffic.


This is very typical of the type of bush land I walked in.  You can just see two green 28 (Port Lincoln) parrots in the trees in the centre of the photo.

A patch of pink Everlasings with Cape weed in the front.


These are tiny little buds that are rubbery and squishy to the touch.

A green variety of the rubbery, squishy buds.  The little flowers are tiny.

Possibly pink Spider Orchid.

Possibly Clown Orchid.

Flowers blooming on the side of the gravel road.

I hope you've enjoyed a taste of some of Western Australian bush/wild flowers.

Anne  xx