Friday, 24 April 2015


Dad, remembering and missing you.

26/4/1928 - 25/4/2013

Anne  xx

ANZAC Day centenary

As we commemorate the centenary of ANZAC Day on the 25 April 2015 in Australia, I would like to take the time to remember two of my ancestors who served during WWI.

Edmund Scottick Charles Chandler is my paternal grandfather and he joined the armed forces in 1916, embarking from Adelaide, South Australia.  He served in Egypt with the 10th Light Horse Regiment and during this time visited Jerusalem.  Our family has some photos from this time which I would like to share with you.

Edmund Charles Scottick Chandler

This photo was taken in Jerusalem where Grandad and his mates had a picnic under the trees.

My grandfather is on the right.

My great uncle, Claude Spencer Williams is brother-in-law to Edmund and my Granny's brother.  Claude joined the armed forces in 1916 and spent his active service time in France attached to 23rd Howitzer, 10th Battery as a gunner.  He was fortunate to escape serious injury during conflict, however after going on leave in England at the end of the war, he contracted and became ill with the Spanish flu on his return to France.  Sadly, Claude subsequently died as a result of this illness and is buried in Sous-le-Bois, France.  His war memorial plaque is at the Maubeage cemetery, Sous-le-Bois.

Claude Spencer Williams

In remembrance.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Autumn things

Ornamental grapevine turning colour.

A self sewn pumpkin vine that now covers a large section of the backyard, started life in the timber compost heap.

 It's grown up over the chook house gate, no chooks currently in residence.


When walking Sophie yesterday I spied these Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, in a garden nearby.  I always think of them as fairy mushrooms.  I had only ever seen them in English illustrated fairy story books until a few years ago.  Couldn't believe my eyes when saw them, it was a magical moment.

Anne xx

Monday, 20 April 2015

Shelton Road

Hi everyone, how are you?  It's turned a bit nippy the last few days in Melbourne with only12C yesterday with rain and hail.  That might seem warm to some living in the colder areas of the world but 12C is a winter temperature for us.

Although Sunday was horrible weather wise we did have some sunshine Saturday afternoon so hubby and I went for a small drive not too far from where we live.  We were looking for something in particular and after finding it, decided to keep driving in the area to see what we could discover.  Shelton Road is in Pakenham Upper, South East of Melbourne and runs through a pretty little valley with Toomuc Creek running through mostly farming properties.

Being a lover of countryside, I just had to stop and take in the scenery and take a photo or two to trial our new camera.  The old camera broke unfortunately so it's time to learn all about this new one.

These first three photos are of Toomuc Creek which is rather swampy and dirty in places.  Unfortunately someone had dumped four old tyres in one part of the creek, the kind of behaviour that makes me angry.

It was quite beautiful along this section of Shelton Road with lovely trees overhanging and green grass from the recent rains we've had.

I couldn't see cows without taking a photo now could I?!

 I love the how the sunlight is catching the top of the cow's backs.

This big bull just stood and stared at us as we were walking around.  I ventured a little closer to say hello but he got all huffy and puffy indicating his displeasure.

This tree is magnificent and I badly wanted to climb it but chickened out.

We could hear bellbirds as we drove along but they are difficult to photograph so you will have to make do with the image and bird call sounds at this link.  It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on the weekend, we'll have to do it again soon.

Anne xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Marchn 2015

For this months scavenger hunt, I set myself the goal of trying to get all photos from my time spent on the farm with mum in Western Australia.  As always, thanks to Greenthumb at Made with Love for organising such a fun activity.


An old wagon wheel.

These two photos are of Mum's card making room.  Displayed are hand made cards she has received and hung for inspiration when making her own cards.


A window on the old house my father grew up in.


A painting I did in 2008 and gave to Mum.  I took it outside and propped it on an old bench seat to take the photo.


Dusk one evening on the farm in Doodlakine, Western Australia.

A favourite word.

I don't have a favourite word but as the farm is very dear to my heart, this photo of an old tractor seems to suit the theme.


The wind was moving the leaves of this eucalypt tree.


The old bathroom in the old house my Dad grew up in.  Hot water was obtained by lighting a chip heater which can be  partially seen on the left of the photo.

An old hook, shoe polishing brush and Gilette razor dispensor, all found in the old bathroom.



This old car was in use many, many years ago.  Before it was placed in it's final resting place, when not a running vehicle, my sister and I would play for hours pretending we were driving.  The old gear stick, starter button, hand windscreen wiper and steering wheel all got a good work out.


The china painting on this plate is the work of my grandma.

 Something you made.
This is a card I made for dad for Fathers Day, another one Mum has displayed in her card room.

 Whatever you want.

Mum's beautiful little rescue cat named Cara.

Looking forward to April's list of photos.

Anne  xx

Sunday, 29 March 2015

A little bit of Western Australia

We've been a week in Western Australia with Mum and it has been busy with seeing family, a spot of gardening and some short walks to take some photos.  On our way up to the farm, hubby and I stopped off at York where Mum and I stayed for a few days last year.  I'll do a longer post on that when I return to Victoria but thought I'd share the photo below of the Avon river which runs through the town.

 When we first arrived at the farm, my brother and nephew were in the middle of shearing so hubby went over to the other farm a couple of days to help out.  He was on the broom cleaning up the wool scraps after the shearers had finished shearing each sheep.  The shearers in the photo below are not young men, I don't know how they do this hard work on consecutive days.

That's my brother Eric in the striped shirt.  The fleece is thrown flat over the wool table to be checked for scraggly bits and then  packed into bales.

After shearing on one of the days, my brother received a large load of fertiliser for this year's cropping season.  

 The ever present pink and grey galahs, these ones are in a dead tree just outside from Mum's back yard.

 Hubby set off to go fishing in Walpole early Thursday morning and his accomodation in the caravan park where they are staying is this hippy van we hired.  It's decked out with a bed and little kitchen and fridge in the back.

 A couple of nights ago there were some beautiful thunder clouds which created a perfect photography opportunity.

 The dusk light was beautiful and created gorgeous colours in the landscape.

It's lovely to be back where I can see 360 degrees.  Some of the nicest photos I can take are always back here in Western Australia.

Anne  xx