Thursday, 11 December 2014

Some Western Australian moments

As always it is good to back visiting the farm and seeing family again.  We have been so very fortunate to have some English cousins (I've not met before), visit while I've been staying with Mum.  We had a fun two days getting to know each other better and marvelling at how well we got on despite only being newly aquainted.

One morning I was awake early about 4.30am and decided to get up for the sunrise and it sure was worth the wait shivering in the early morning breeze.

Early morning light on a corrugated iron tank and grain silos.

 Big lambs in a paddock not too farm from Mum's house are coming to the dam for a drink.

Some of Eric's cows and calves had a few weeks in a paddock near Mum's house.  They got out a few times and I had fun trying to get them back in but had to get help from big brother.  They are back on the other farm now and being fed beautiful hay.

When visiting the farm I sometimes get the opportunity to help big brother with sheep work. I like to keep my hand in and spent part of a day last week penning up sheep and trying to push them forward into the run so they could be treated.  The sheep weren't always co-operative and I don't have the physical strength to move them like my brother and nephew can.  I did my best though and managed to get some of them moving into the right place.  It is very dusty work and I just have to show you two very funny photos of just how dirty I got.  

Red face from the heat and see all that dirt in the creases in my neck?  Clinging to the sunscreen beautifully!  :)  Hahahaha!

Today Mum and I went on a bit of a girls day out to a local town and had a lovely lunch in a cafe.  We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Just a few more days until we head back to Melbourne so making the most of wide open spaces, viewing stars with no light pollution and warm weather.

Anne xx

Saturday, 29 November 2014

A quick catch up

Hello.  Although I've been absent from the blogging world for a few weeks, life has been busy with different things.  I've been spending a lot of time in the garden and happy to say that some seeds sewn have germinated in their punnets.  Some of the seeds were over six years old so it's especially pleasing they've germinated.

We've had some vege pickings from the garden including red onions, leeks, lettuce, spring onion, sugar loaf cabbage and  bunching broccoli.  We also have a few bulbs of garlic.

I spent a good 15 minutes one afternoon watching this baby Currawong having a drink at the bird bath in the back yard.

Hubby and I went out for an impromptu dinner with friends and I had what was possibly the best meal I've ever eaten.  Spicy crispy skin Atlantic salmon with sweet potato, wilted spinach, roasted parsnip and a creamy lemon sauce.

Stripey has been enjoying our lovely sunny weather and took a nap in the cat mint after chewing, licking and rolling in it.  He managed not to squash the spring onions too much.

The garden is still doing beautifully and full of flowers.

This is the first Buddleia I've planted and the perfume is amazing.
I'm off to Western Australia again tomorrow morning to spend two weeks with mum and then she is flying back to Melbourne with me to have a holiday and spend Christmas and New Year with our families living in Victoria.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and continuing to follow my blog despite my absence at times.  Enjoy your Sunday.

Anne  xx

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The builder and the beekeeper

To say that I am married to a man of many talents and fabulous qualities is an understatement, he continues to amaze me with his abilities and achievements.  The studio is now finished with the completion of the awning and balustrade.  A few little bits and pieces may be added such as base boards to cover the side but other than that, it's finished.

The bee hive was opened again on the weekend to see what was happening and the second story will most likely be added this weekend to allow for growth of the hive.  It all depends whether the conditions are right for opening the hive, preferably on fine day with no wind.  Here is hubby attending to the hive.  I took these photos without my protective suit on from about 1.5 metres away.  The bees are very placid, not bothered by me at all.  If I was assisting I would have been suited up.

To finish this post, here are some roses from the garden.  I love roses.

Anne xx