Friday, 20 August 2010

Flowery crochet things

During one of the many tea or coffee breaks I take during the day, I either pick up a crochet hook and some wool to make a granny square or two or a needle and thread to work on some other crafty thing I'm doing.  A couple days ago (actually about two weeks ago, time flies),  I thought to play around a bit with some wool and a crochet hook and this is what happened.
 I really don't know what this is, maybe some sort of flower?  It's kind of wonky looking in places but I guess that's what happens when you muck around.  Heartened by this little experiment I went on and made this 
and this.
 I have no idea how what to do with these flowery crochet things but I sure had fun playing.  I did make a purply coloured one and put it on my niece's birthday present as decoration, so perhaps I could use them to pretty up gifts. Maybe I can make Christmas coloured/themed ones to use on Christmas pressies.  Sorry, thinking out loud here.  Anyone else do that?  :-)

Happy crocheting.




  1. I think they would make quite nice gift additions, maybe instead of a ribbon bow.

  2. Ooo these are lovely. They would be great on pressies and the christmas theme is a great idea. xx

  3. Beautiful - the centre one reminds me of a cornflower. Very Inspiring!

  4. Hi Anne: The flowers are great and colorful! I can see that you like to crochet and knit. I invite you to visit Sue McGorie a/k/a Mrs Twins is assembling blankets that will be donated to nursing homes using squares that people send from all over. I have met so many nice people through Sue and SIBOL.


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