Saturday, 14 August 2010

Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets, you either love them or hate them.  There was a time when I hated them as they were used to cover up the ugly spots on the front of our old fridge.  A couple of years ago we purchased a new fridge.  Ohhh the glory of a clean white sparkling fridge door with no rust spots or ugly stains.  Sad looking magnets, notices and rubbish on the old fridge were duly tossed in the bin.  This new fridge was going to stay magnet free...... or so I thought.  Then I made the big mistake of browsing in a little gift shop.  What was I to do?  There were fridge magnets calling out to me.  They said things I felt, things I had never been able to put into words before.  They made me laugh too, what a bonus.  Now don't panic I didn't buy all these magnets in one hit.  What you see below were bought over a period of time.  Just click on the photo for a better view.

These magnets tell a bit of a story about me, my extreme dislike of housework is a big theme here.  I especially love the one about being into art.  I paint in oils and love all sorts of crafty arty things, a very good reason to be lousy at housework! I also love the magnets about stress.  I'd like to carry a little less weight and I love dessert.  There's one there that validates all the hard work we do and don't get paid for and one to cheer me up when I get overly hot every 20 minutes or so.  The one magnet on there that doesn't really apply to me and I wish it did is the one by Eleanor Roosevelt.  I don't do one thing everyday that scares me because, well.....I'm just too scared.  It's there to remind me to take a risk occasionally which I did when I started this blog.  So a big thank you to the lovely people who visit my site and are following me.  You've given me a big confidence boost.

I'd love to hear about the magnets you have on your fridge and what they mean to you.

Have a wonderful day,

Anne :-)  xx


  1. Great idea Anne! You have quite a good selection. I just checked my fridge, and there is one funny one that is shaped like a large mosquito and reads "Send more tourists to the Florida Everglades! The last ones were delicious!" Enjoy your weekend..

  2. Those are great!

    I'm not really into fridge magnets... I put three on Dave's fridge, all little homemade ones - one is a picture of a penguin, one a picture of a VW camper van and the third is the EON Orbs - all just because we like them. We don't have any one with funny or clever phrases on, but I really love some of yours!

    PS, as you probably won't know - Eon orbs were little fluffy toy things from an energy company that I thought were really cute! We don't have the fluffy version so I just used a picture I found instead... I can't find them on the internet to show you as they were around years ago!

  3. Love the magnets. We have some of those free ones on the fridge at the moment. I keep them around becase someday I'm going to get all arty on them and slap some paint on to color them up a bit.


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