Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My family of owls

The love affair I have with owls started about 15 years ago when I was at a particularly low point in my life.  One cold wintery night found me going for a very brisk walk in my neighbourhood and something compelled me to look up.  On top of a light pole was a beautiful owl sitting watching me.  I was enthralled with this beautiful bird and it seemed we silently communed for about ten minutes until the cold persuaded me to head home.

Walking home found me in a completely different frame of mind, a peaceful one for which I was very grateful.  Since this time I have noticed owls seem to be around in times of stress and uncertainty which I find very comforting.  I don't often see them but I hear them calling at night sometimes from one of the big trees in our front yard.

So for everyone who loves owls, I would like to share my family of owls with you. 


 Miss G drew this picture for me when she found out I loved owls and it has been on my wall for years.

Mr White owl was the first owl I bought and he came from an op. (thrift) shop to a very good home.  Little carved wooden owl came to me as a gift from a very dear friend who knows how much I love owls.  Studious/book owl was bought when I was doing some university study.  I think he is attempting to say study is fun!!!

This is a photo of a Southern Boobook owl and was given to me as a mothers day present from my family.

Garden owl sits silently day after day watching over my garden.  He's lost his beak...oh dear!!

Dangly owl came from a lovely little gift shop.

Miss G painted this lovely brown owl for me, you can see how her artistic skills have developed.

Gold charm owl was a Christmas gift from D.H. and has since been joined by a dragonfly (did I mention how much I love dragonflies) and a letter A.

Fierce owl was a gift from another friend.

Tarnished owl is angry because he can't compete with BLING OWL.

White tea light owl seems to have grown a beard and he looks a bit cross eyed too.

We will reach the end of this post but not quite yet, I've more owls to share! 

 Proud metallic tea light owl has to share space with a dove.  Metallic owl came home with me after a girls weekend away.

 Look at all these gorgeous owls on my calender.

Night light owl lives in the ensuite and at night he really comes into his own!!!

I painted this owl on a fence post with barbed wire a couple of months ago.  He is done in oils and I had the best time painting one of my favourite animals

I hope you've enjoyed seeing  my family of owls.

Anne  :-)

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  1. Ok, just LOVE your owl collection! So nice to meet you Anne! I'll be following to see what you're up to!


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