Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bits and pieces

Today is a glorious day with the sun shining brightly and even a hint of warmth in it if you can find a spot to sit for a few minutes.  
This is a view in the back yard looking out from my garden room.
While I was soaking in some vitamin D, this fellow decided he would come looking for bugs, snails and slugs.  He wasn't bothered by me at all.
This last photo is of a painting I did of qunices a couple of years ago.  I've put it up in honour of 
Sue at "The Quince Tree" who has a gorgeous blog and is harvesting quinces from the tree in her back yard and making delicious things to eat from them.  She inspires me.  Thank you for your blog Sue!
Have a lovely day everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. What kind of bird is he? Looks a bit like one of our UK magpies. I love quince and am expecting a big bag of quince from my mother, so I'd better go over and see Sue's site. Thanks.

  2. I was also wondering what kind of bird he is?

    In my part of the world it is very windy and raining heavily... and I'm ill and my car broke down this morning! I'm still having a good day though so not to worry!

    Enjoy your sunshine!

  3. He's a magpie and has the most beautiful song. I'm starting to hear the birds sing, twitter and laugh (kookaburras) at 4.30am, (it's not even light) but they seem to think the day has started. Groan! :-)

    Louise, I'm sorry to hear you are sick. You've only been back at work a week haven't you? Did the kids give it to you? Hope your car is o.k.

  4. Your painting is beautiful, I'm always envious of people who can paint.


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