Saturday, 25 September 2010

Living by water

What do you do when you want to live near water, the sea, a lake or a river but know it's just a dream?  You tell hubby and this is what happens.  :-)

This is living by the water two years on.

Installation of water feature by hubby, garden plantings by moi.
It's not the sea, a lake or a river but I love it.   Sitting in this spot with morning coffee when the sun is shining is wonderful.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.



  1. Wow, it looks beautiful 2 years on, I'd love to have that in my garden! I guess there is just something about water which is calming...
    Thank you Anne for your lovely comment on my blog - it can be a bit of a lonely existence working on your own - words like yours give me much encouragement!

  2. Oh I can see why you love it, it is just beautiful! The plants look lovely your water feature, I also love how the fountain has a lovely patina that only comes after a couple of years :)

  3. Thank you. My hubby is such a handyman for which I'm very grateful.

  4. It looks lovely, there is nothing more relaxing than the gentle sound of water, is there?

  5. I totally agree Sue, I find water very calming. I love the sea even when it's wild and turbulent. The smell, the sounds, just exhilarating.

  6. It does look lovely with all the beautiful foliage round about. Very cooling when it's hot I would imagine (we don't need to worry about getting too hot where we are!)


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