Friday, 17 September 2010

Tulips and a cat

I bought these lovely tulips when I was out grocery shopping on Wednesday.  They are beautiful don't you agree?
I love the way the black stamens contrast with the orange and green of the petals.
 This is Miss C's cat Stripey (he has a stripey tail.), playing in a green bag with his toy mouse.  For a cat who is ten years old, he can be remarkably frisky.  Here he is lying on the floor on his back in the bag, the only  way to play with a toy mouse.
In a saner moment.
I love this photo, he looks like he has an old kettle spout coming out of his chest.  By the way, there are flowers in the old kettle.

This has been an orange and green post today.  Pure co-incidence!

Enjoy your weekend. 

Anne  xx


Diana said...

I LOVE tulips...maybe my favorite flower, but then I so love flowers!

Louise said...

oh, those are a lovely colour!

cathleen said...

I just LOVE these photos! Your kitty is so sweet!

Angie said...

Hi. I found you on Elizabeth Cat's blog. Your cat is so pretty -- I love cats.

andamento said...

Such a cute cat! Makes me want one again.