Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Goodbye feathered friend

Growing up on a farm has made me a lover of animals big and small and I seemed to have passed this gene onto Miss G.    A couple of days ago one of our favourite chooks became sick and this morning she was looking very sad indeed.  As we had another chook die some time ago with a similar ailment, I decided to visit the vet for hopefully a diagnosis and a cure.  It was not to be and our poor little Pixie, as she was named, when to sleep permanently. 

That is Pixie in the photo below.  She had such a personality, was always the most friendliest and curious of our chooks.  I would lift up rocks and bricks in the back yard and she was always the first to come over and see if there were any scrumptious bugs, insects, worms or snails to add to her diet.  You can see she has something red on her back in the photo.  She was a greedy girl, always first to see what the scrap bucket held and wouldn't get out of the way when the scraps were tossed down onto the ground

Miss G. and I have shed some tears (we are such softies) and although we are sad she is with us no more, we are grateful for the eggs she laid for us and the fun we had enjoying her personality.

Miss G. is an avid poetry writer and composed the following poem for Pixie.


Sweet Sorrow

Oh friendly sun
Burn my bones
Bleach them white
Maybe then 
I'll be warm again

Oh cloudless sky
So much the same
So far
Can you be
So carefree?

Oh memory
Such sweet recall
Beloved lost
I weep a while
Then I smile

by Miss G.


  1. I love chooks and they can often have great personalities so I am sure you will miss her.

  2. sad about your pixie : (
    Adore the poem Miss G
    Much love Catherine


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