Friday, 15 October 2010

Highschoool artwork

My favourite memories from high school are when I was either in the library or having art classes.  I remember doing all kinds of interesting things in art that I had never been exposed to before.  Working in clay, silk screen printing, tie-dying and making lino prints to name a few.

After I discovered Chantal Vincent's blog (check out the button on the side bar), and being inspired by her stamps and lino prints, a little memory came to the surface.  Didn't I have a piece of artwork in the linen cupboard from high school days, something I made when I was either 13 or 14 years of age?
I went scrabbling last night and found my memory and here it is.

From memory this is a lino print.  The design is of my Grandma's house, she lived just across the road from the high school and we would visit her for lunch every day.  (Home was 20 miles away by school bus).  Looking at this artwork (which is printed on a pillowslip), I can't believe I actually did this.  Here is a closer view.

Looking at this makes me want to have another go at lino printing and I've already started drawing up some designs which I think would look very nice on a linen tea towel or two.  It's fun playing around with sketches and ideas.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.  We are quite sodden with rain here and probably won't see the sunshine this weekend.  Ah that means lots of opportunities for delightful inside craft stuff.  :-)



  1. Gee Anne these prints show a real talent. You should try again but in the meantime can't you cut up that pillowslip and fram it?When you are famous for lino prints your first try will probably be terribly valuable.
    Have a nice weekend
    PS I'd love to see those blue and yellow quilts!

  2. Anne, that's a really great print. Quite tricky to get those different colours to line up on a register. I love that it's of your grandma's house. I'm quite sentimental when it comes to anything much to do with my ancestry so I really like the idea of this. If you're not using them as pillowslips maybe one day you could incorporate them in a quilt somehow : )

  3. Hello Anne
    I loved the printing lessons in Art classes at school And i've recently started to gather together some resources to remind myself of the lovely process.
    Thanks for your kind comments at mine. Have a good weekend,
    Denise x


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