Friday, 22 October 2010

Seashells and buttons

Miss G. is in the process of slowly cleaning out her bedroom and she found a bag of shells from a holiday long past.  Inside the bag were shells with little holes in them that she had obviously kept with the idea of stringing them into a necklace or two.  She asked me if I would like to use them for anything and of course I said yes with a creative project in mind.

I needed some fishing line to start my project and as hubbie could only find yellow, that's what I used.

About a third of the way through stringing shells, I decided that shells by themselves were a bit boring, so I raided my button stash.  

This is the end result.

Unfortunately my photos didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped so it's a bit hard to see the seashell/button thingy hanging in my garden room.  Please excuse the mess through the garage window, hubbie is have a fantastic time cleaning out years worth of junk.  My garden room needs a spring clean too.

I had a very pleasant half hour making a simple decorative item for my garden room.  I hope all the creative people in blog land find a few minutes for creativity this weekend.  Have a good one.

Anne xx


  1. Oh it looks so sweet Anne, a beautiful reminder of your seaside holiday :)

  2. Hello.
    You have a lovely blog!
    Eve x (in the UK)

  3. Lovely idea, the colours of the shells are beautiful.

  4. Thank you lovely people for your lovely comments. You've given me a lift. :-)

  5. Like the idea of mixing the shells up with buttons. Hope it doesn't distract the cats.

  6. what a grest idea - love it!

  7. How lovely to make something out of the shells, they do look lovely stringed up like that.

    I've just discovered your other blog too, and I can so relate to it.

    Thanks Anne, for your comment and support by following me on my new weightloss blog. I think I'll need all the support I can get.

    A x


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