Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spring storm, X-rays and a King parrot

We are having a spring storm here today.  I lunched with my sister at a lovely little cafe down the hill (she's a flat lander :->) and we sat outside in balmy weather.  Black clouds rolled in and the heavens opened.  We had finished lunch by then so it didn't matter.  To escape the rain we went into a lovely craft shop that sells rubber stamps, papers, inks, embellishments and all things to do with card making.  It's a wonderful shop and one where you could spend a lot of money if you chose.  I chose not too but did get some fab. ideas for cards.  Should I mention the op. shop that was in the same street?  Maybe I'll show you tomorrow what I found.  Yes I know, I'm addicted.  Just another little obsession of mine.

I'm at home now after taking both the girls for a mouth x-ray.  The dentist wants to know what's going on with their wisdom teeth.  I want to know why one x-ray company will bulk bill their fees and another won't.  My knee x-ray yesterday cost me $91.00 and I got $36.00 back from Medicare.  Today the girls X-rays at a different company bulk billed so it cost me nothing.  Crazy.

As I'm typing this, a male King parrot like this one
is sitting on the post just outside my back door hoping I'll take pity on him and put out seed.  I've only put out seed once to get some photos but they haven't forgotten their treat.  I would love to feed them but it's better for them not to rely on humans for their food.  He is making all kinds of different noises to try and get my attention.  The dog has barked at him through the window but the cat is ignoring him.  Strange, he normally goes crazy when he sees a bird through the window.

Now it's time to think about making dinner, again.  Sigh.  Not a good sigh.  :-)  I think it will have to be vegetable quiche tonight as we have an abundance of lovely eggs from our chooks and there is no meat defrosted.  What are you having for dinner/supper tonight?

See you tomorrow,


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  1. He is a colourful bird. Must be difficult to resist feeding them. My children would be totally in wonder watching a parrot at the window (me too).


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