Friday, 26 November 2010


I've made a few changes to my blog, obviously! :)  I like to change things around every now and then, and this is what I'm going with for the moment.

I worked on the blog illustrations today and they represent some of the things that are important and have meaning to me.   I sign my pen and water colour illustrations as Damelia (for my Grandma) and use my own name when I paint in oils.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  May the beautiful and very cold people in the northern hemisphere keep warm and stay safe in your snowy and wintery conditions.  To those in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the sun if it's shining down on you.

I'll leave you with this photo of a rose (Lordly Oberon) I planted in memory of my Aunty when she passed away a few years ago.  It is flowering beautifully although the blossoms are a  little rain damaged now.

Anne  xx


  1. Oh wow I love the illustrations! Unfortunately we've had no snow here yet (I love the snow and we missed it all earlier in the year as we were in Florida) but the news is full of pictures of the rest of the UK all covered in snow. It is freezing here though!

    Damelia is such a pretty name!

  2. New blog looks fantastic Anne! The pears and grapes and the flowers in the vase are my favourites but the selection as a whole looks great together. Have a lovely weekend : )

  3. I like the new look blog, especially the hand drawn picture at the top!

    I keep meaning to change mine as I am getting bored of the same old thing, but I haven't got round to it yet!

  4. Hello Anne
    Thank you for your visit :-)
    I love the blog changes and your illustrations especially. Dragonflies are so beautiful.
    And I love that you have an artist name, what a great idea!
    Happy weekend,
    D x

  5. Love the new look Anne, your illustrations are beautiful.
    Raining here today.....must be the weekend!

  6. hello anne/damelia, thx for stopping!
    i've just had a look at those drawings of yours, i like them for a header too.
    (so. did i miss your old blog, do you think? i dn't seem to have been intouch with you before)
    anyway, great sunday too. we're just starting. out for a walk in the morning frost!!

  7. I love the new look. Your illustrations are perfect. I've been meaning to change my header and you are spurring me on.

    I have a rose around our porch, which was there when we moved in. My father calls it a rose of peace. It has a long flowering season. Whatever it is, it has buds covered in snow at the moment.


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