Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pick the difference

Below is a photo of two pairs of glasses.  One pair is from the optometrist (prescription), the other pair are from K-Mart (magnification +2.00).  One pair cost over $300, the other $10.  One pair gives me a headache, one pair does not.  Can you pick which pair are expensive and make my head hurt and which ones are cheap and help me read without getting a headache.

On the left we have the optometrist rubbish, useless waste of money pair and on the right we have the cheap K-Mart pair which do the job.  I'm not happy that the optometrist can get it soooooooooo wrong.  Of course I didn't start getting headaches until the month trial period was up, so I can't get my money back.  Grrrrrrrrr.  (The optometrist I went to is from a very well know "professional" optometrist chain in Australia.  I won't be going to them again).  It's a bit like when your warranty runs out on the washing machine or the fridge and the very next day it breaks down.  Such is life eh?   :-)  Note to self, next time I need stronger glasses, go to K-mart and buy a +2.50 magnification pair and save myself buckets.

Well I think I might be off too make my new glasses a very FUNKY case.

Have a lovely evening or day depending where you live.

Anne  xx


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