Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thank you and a bit about blogging

In the last couple of days I've been given two blog awards.  I would like to thank Cheryl at  Time to Craft
for the Versatile Blogger award and Terrie at Creative Haven
for the Beautiful Blogger award.  I appreciate my blog being thought worthy enough to receive these awards but to be quite honest, I don't really know what to do now.  You see I blog for a number of reasons, none of which include being given awards.  As I'm still fairly new to the blogging world, I'm not sure of blogging protocol when it comes to awards.

I'm not really sure how to go about expressing myself here, so bear with me if you will as I struggle to tell you what's on my mind.  Let me first say how much I appreciate Cheryl and Terrie passing the awards my way.  I'm surprised and delighted.  Bearing that in mind, I'm hesitant to keep the ball rolling and pass on the awards, not because I can't find anyone worthy of such awards, it's more like how can I not pass awards on to everyone I follow and it's many.  Far more than on my blog roll, I haven't updated it recently.  I just can't show favouritism, because everyone I read, I read for a purpose.  Either their blog is beautiful, interesting, creative, gorgeous, helpful, inspiring, makes me think, enlightens me, encourages me, broadens my outlook, uplifts me, helps me to love the people in the world even more, gives me friendship and companionship, and so much, much more.  Some blogs give me all that and then some more, but I can't show any favouritism because they all make a positive impact on me in different ways and for that I THANK EVERYONE OF YOU!!!

So I'm wondering if I might graciously thank Cheryl and Terrie for their appreciation of my blog and leave it at that.  I would also like to share one very important reason why I blog and love reading all yours.  I suffer depression and anxiety.  If you've read my other blog 'Standing Up While Falling Down', you will already know all about this not so wonderful part of my life and I don't want to go into that on this blog.  However I would like to say that blogging has helped me get through some very nasty times I've had this past winter.  I started blogging in July after first reading about Lucy
over at Attic 24.  Her blog was/is inspirational, a bright, beautiful, colourful light in a very dark hole in which I sometimes live.  I found Lucy through Kathreen at  http://whipup.net 
who had a link to one Lucy's fantastic crochet projects.  So that is where blogging all started for me.  And it helps me on so many levels, too many to list here today.  I started my own blog because I thought I might have something to offer, something to share with all the beautiful people out in blog land who very generously share their ideas, creativity, love, humour, life and even sad times with us all.

At the risk of boring you too much more with my words, thank you to each and everyone of you who read my blog, to my followers, I'm amazed and very happy you do.  :-)  I hope my thoughts on this subject make sense and I certainly hope I've offended no one, I just don't want to be seen as unappreciative.

Have a fantastic day everyone,

Anne xx


  1. A lovely and very thoughtful blog post Anne. I'm so glad that blogging and the support of the blog community has helped you much with your depression. I believe you are very worthy of your blogger awards. You've been very busy posting some great crafty blogs of late and I like reading your blog because you write in such a way that you can tell it comes from the heart. I hope you keep up blogging for a long time. It's been lovey to meet you out here in blogland : )

  2. Congratulations. I have just 'found' your blog via Creative Haven. And how inspiring to a new blogger. Thank you and I look forward to keeping up with your blogs. x

  3. What lovely sentiments, I feel much the same way, that I appreciate so many, how could I choose.

  4. Oh Anne - not one grain of offence taken here! I completely understand where you are coming from and to be honest was a little bit puzzled at what to do with mine - although I appreciated it greatly. The way I see it is you don't have to do anything with it other than know that your blog and your work are loved and appreciated xx

  5. I'm with Terrie on this. No offence taken. To be honest, I am so pleased when someone leaves a nice comment (not one of those strange trash and spam ones)that it is the best reward. I blog to keep track of what is happening in my life and hopefully to give back something to a blogging community that has inspired me in lots of ways. A comment left by someone who has read my words is the icing on the cake. So long winded way of saying I like your blog!


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