Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Update on reusable fruit and vege produce bags

Hello everyone.  I went grocery shopping today and tried out my new produce bags.  They hold fruit and veges very well, seem to be strong enough with 2kgs of apples in one bag holding well. I've made seven bags so far and including a couple of smaller ones for things like snow peas and beans.

There is a slight drawback to using your own bags though as I found out this morning.  Legally the supermarkets cannot weigh the produce in a homemade bag because it will include extra weight.  Even though I said I was happy to pay the extra 25grams worth, supermarkets will be fined if they are found to be doing this.  So at the present time, the person at the register has to take the produce out of the bag and weigh it separately to the bag.  This is time consuming if you are in a hurry and the man waiting behind me was very annoyed this process was taking extra time.  It's a bit tricky balancing 2 kgs of apples on the small scales at the register.  :-)

The lady at the register was lovely and wasn't bothered at all and even brought the problem to the attention of the produce manager at that store.  He is going to bring the topic up at their next management meeting.  So perhaps things might move along in a positive direction when it comes to providing your own produce bags.

On a completely different note, yesterday was the first time this spring I've been able to eat my lunch out in my garden room.  I had company as you see, however she was only interested in my sandwich and nothing to do with loyalty at all.
This photo is rather washed out because the sun was shining so brightly.  The garden room is looking a bit sad after winter, however with some new flowers in pots and a bit of a tidy up, it will look much better.  At least I washed down the table from all the winter grime and mould that had accumulated.
A few things are starting to poke their heads out in the garden too.
Snapdragons.  I've always loved snapdragons.
If you look hard you can see bees all over the echium.  Once again the bright sunlight has washed out these photos.
Roses finally in bud.
A glorious foxglove.
Pink and yellow aquilegia with a dark flowering euphorbia on the left of the photo.  The grey  leafed plant in the lower left is campion and will soon be flowering in rose and white.  It's wonderful seeing my garden come to life again.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day,



  1. Those pictures and sunshine are soooo lovely - days like that seem a far and distant memory here at the moment!

  2. I looked out at my snapdragons outside the back door and they are dried up seed heads now. Your dog waiting for the sandwich made me smile. Pure cupboard love. I've got a four legged friend like that!

    Interesting about the bags. I hope the shop can find a solution.


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