Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas decorations

The Christmas tree and assorted lights, tinsel and ornaments went up last night.

This bauble was made by Miss C. in kindergarten.  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's been hanging on our tree for 15 years now.  It's amazing what a little girl can do with a white ceramic bauble, paint and glitter glue.

This is my favourite ornament.  Please excuse my reflection in the bauble, I didn't think about that when I was taking the photo.  Ooops!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy,

Anne  xx


  1. Your tree is lovely! Happy holidays!

  2. I think it's lovely to have christmas tree decorations with a bit of history and sentimental value. I remember we had a silver glittery star on the top of our tree for years and years - I can't remember now if I made it or my sister when we were small but I loved it! After perhaps 10 or 12 years it was looking a bit worse for wear and was thrown away... I think about that star every year and wish we still had it!

    I keep thinking that I should begin a bauble collection - pick them up on nice days out or things like that, so that I can build up a nice collection and then one day, if I ever do get my own house, everything on the tree will hold a memory!

    Oops, I'm rambling again! Thanks for your comment earlier by the way! Your tree looks lovely!

  3. Nice looking tree (beats mine anyway) Love the button sneakers.


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