Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Today I had to visit the nurse to get a fresh dressing on my thumb, which fortunately is healing really well.  Hopefully steri strips and bandage will be coming off in a week.  While I was out and about, I had a few other bits and pieces to do, return books to the library, post some letters and return a DVD.  Guess what happens to be right next door to the DVD store?   An op. shop.  :)  Of course I just had to go in and have a peek and look what I came home with for $7.00.

The lamp was $2.00 and although it needs some work, I think it was a steal.  A good vacuum and clean and it will look lovely.  The enamel container will be used as a pot plant holder and the two photo frames will be painted off white.  The photo frame with the funiture pictures is for Miss G. as she is decorating her room in a French theme and I/she thinks this will suit that theme.
 The little silver pieces and cut glass pieces will be put away until I find the perfect place/decorating idea for them.  I might use them to hold candles.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

What was your last bargain?  I love hearing bargain hunting stories.

Anne xx

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