Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thinking outside the square

Thinking outside the square is not one of my strong points, so I was really pleased when I came up an idea to use this gorgeous toast rack  mum gave me when I was visiting.  The toast rack belonged to my Granny (paternal), and as mum doesn't use it, she gave it to me.  I'm so lucky to be the owner now as I've always loved it.
The rack is made from silver and was quite tarnished.  Last night while watching The Australian Open (tennis), I gave it a good polish.  Today I was able to use it for it's new intended purpose.
Isn't it the most perfect mail holder ever?  I can put the bills there for hubby to discover when he comes home from work and any letters for my daughters can be held there until they come home.  (It's so out of bounds for a mother to go into her daughter's bedrooms these days!)

So what do you think of my idea?  Has anyone else been thinking outside the square recently?  I'd love you to share your ideas with me.

Anne  xx


  1. Lovely idea Anne! It is a really beautiful little treasure, I'm sure you'll use it so much more this way than as a toast rack...and you get to see and use it everyday :)

  2. Oh, how gorgeous! I love this idea. And now you can use it every day. Much better than just holding toast (which just quietly, is never a good idea). Who wants cold, dry toast? Well, not me! xx

  3. I bet you are pleased. What a sweet mail rack. Totally wasted on cold toast. I'm sure the bills will seem easier to open when taken from a heart themed holder.

  4. Hey Anne great idea, came up a treat with a polish.

    Nice to be used rather than languishing in a cupboard forlorn and forgotten.

    Claire :}

  5. I just received an email from my mum about my post. See below. OOPS!!
    The problem is, Mum passed on many beautiful pieces of silver, glassware and china to me when I was visiting, I have forgotten which pieces belonged to who. My apoligies in advance to my granny, grandma and great-grandma. I just know I'm gonna get it wrong again. :)
    Anne xx

    "Correction which you probably cannot put on the blog.
    The toast rack was Grandma Moore's my Mum's mother, so she is your great grandma maternal."

  6. In England we say thinking outside the box and I'm not good at it either, since I severly lack creativity and imagination!!

    That is the prettiest toast rack I have ever seen, how lovely and quite unusal - I want it!!
    It does make a lovely looking letter rack.

  7. Repurposing is a wonderful thing!


  8. It is quite possibly the most gorgeous toast rack I have ever seen! What a fantastic idea to use it as a mail holder =]

  9. What a great idea, Anne! It is beautiful and I love it!


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