Monday, 14 March 2011

Crochet gone wrong

One of the nice things about getting older is that you don't tend to take yourself as seriously as when you were younger.  That's why I can laugh at my attempt to crochet a neck warmer.  I mean seriously, how hard can it be to crochet a neck warmer even for a novice?   Apparently quite difficult for me as this neck warmer had a mind of it's own.

Do you think it looks a bit like an elephant's trunk?  I do.  This was based very loosely on a pattern I found on the internet.  I made it wider and used a different stitch.  On the up side to a slight disaster, I've learnt how to make a crochet buttonhole based on a tutorial by Jacquie.  Thanks Jacquie.  I've also learnt I need to be patient (don't anyone hold their breath please) and perhaps not go out on a limb and do my own thing while I'm still learning to crochet.  Regardless of the shape of the neck warmer when it's laid out as above, when it's buttoned up you can't see too many of the imperfections.  :)

It's going to keep my neck warm come this winter when I go out on my early morning walks. 

 Two more positives here, I love the colour of the yarn and I used three buttons from my stash.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  My thoughts are with the people of Japan as they endure and work through a very difficult time ahead.  Still also thinking of the people in Christchurch (earthquake) and Queensland (floods) as they rebuild their lives.  Take care everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Ooh, hello Anne, now I can put a face to you........ nice pic too.

    I think your neck warmer looks great on and that's all that matters.

    I tried crocheting something large last year, it was meant to be a square but was heading slightly triangular before I gave up and moved on hehe, so I think you've done a fab job.
    Hope you've had a nice Labour day.

  2. Oh it looks LOVELY on you!!!
    That is such a beautiful photo of you :)

    I love that I'm old enough now to laugh at myself too...makes the days so much better!

  3. I think the neck warmer looks great on! It doesn't matter that its not perfect - it looks fine and does the inteded job.

    I could do with something like that for the time I spend in Dave's freezy flat - you have inspired me to find something similar!

    Also, I like the new font you have chosen for you blog!

  4. It looks good on you - but you are right, rather like an elephants trunk in the first photo!

  5. Your right, you cant tell the funny shape once you have it on! I love the colour! Chunky buttons do finish it off well too!

  6. Lovely neckwarmer and photo of you. I wish my crocheting looked half as good. I'm half remembering a quote about when you laugh at yourself, make it loud... but I'm sure thats not quite right. Probably Garfield the cat. I do find it easier to put things in perspective as I get older. (Gone to dig out Garfield book....)

  7. I'm glad someone else crochets like me!
    So lovely to see your face.

  8. Hi Anne!
    You are beautiful and have a lovely smile!
    I agree with Claire, "now I can put a face to you".
    I like your neck warmer, it's very nice and creative!


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