Friday, 11 March 2011

Little things

Hi everyone, I've just dropped by to say a big thank you for your love, support and comments the last few days.  Miss G.'s friend has gone home now after three days and nights of rest and quiet.  Hopefully as a family we were able to give her some love, support and acceptance.  Perhaps too during our quite chats I was able to give her a few tips and suggestions on how she might go on from here.

Friday is the only day of the week I have nearly the whole day to myself and it's bliss.  I went out early after dropping off Miss G. at school to get some essentials like chunky wool, big crochet hooks and row markers to make winter socks.

Buttons for an op. shopped (thrifted) cardigan I found this week.  The buttons cost more than the cardie which was only $1.50.

I got lucky with this bag which is a birthday present for Miss G.'s friend who has just gone home.  I know she loves this bag and when I went to the shop to purchase one for her it was on SALE  :)

After my morning out, I came home to a quiet house to just sit and be still for a while.   I found pleasure in little things like finding a few flowers in the garden to make a cheery posy.  The peace, quiet and beauty of my garden is very soothing.

Picking ripe raspberries from our canes.

And enjoying the company of my little furry friend Stripey again.  Here he is stretched out beside me looking delightfully relaxed.  I have to admit to having a cat nap too, it was obviously the thing to be doing.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Anne  xx


  1. sounds like you have had a wonderful day Anne :)
    love that photo of Stripey :)

  2. Breathe out and relax.
    The end of the week has arrived sounds like you had a good day Anne.
    Nice to find a few bargains, love the cardi. We have raspberries ripening on out canes, an Autumn crop, must go and check them tomorrow, make sure the chooks don't beat me to them........
    Glad everything has turned out well and I'm sure you would've been able to pass on some gems.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  3. Oh, what lovely flowers from your garden and those raspberries look gorgeous too! Stripey looks so relaxed - I think I may just go and have a cat nap too. Have a great weekend:)

  4. Anne, sounds like a full, but very good week. Your flowers and berries give me hope that spring will actually arrive (a bit more snow here last night!).
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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