Thursday, 21 April 2011

Animal companions

Monday afternoon of this week found me out in the garden again in a desperate attempt to subdue the garden before winter sets in.  With so much summer rain, every plant, tree and blade of grass has quadrupled in growth I'm sure.  The weather was lovely too which made being outside wonderful.

I decided to let our two chooks out of their run so they could scratch around the garden with me keeping an eye on them so they didn't cause too much damage.  One chook in particular Missy, is very tame and loves hovering around my feet in case I dig up a tasty morsel for her.  Here I was lifting up rocks so she could peck at the bugs underneath.

Can you see that hole just above my hand?   That is a hole made by a yabby. We have a lot of water just below the surface in our backyard and the yabbies love it.  After a good rain you can find their holes and mounds of dirt in many places.  In case you are wondering, I don't eat them although some people do. The chooks will quite happily toss them down if they find one.

I love hearing the contented little noises these girls make as they are scratching and eating.  They reward us with the most deliciously flavoured and coloured eggs.  Thanks girls.

As you know we have two cats Stripey and Bungee who are litter brothers and are nearly ten years old.  They are lovely boys despite the fact they leave their white fur on everything.  Stripey in particular is become very sooky as he gets older and if I'm sitting down anywhere, I'm fair game for a cuddle.  

While I was stamping labels for the linen cupboard sheets, he decided he would sit on my lap for a cuddle and a loud purring session.  It was quite tricky to continue working around him, but I didn't have the heart to put him back on the floor as he was so happy.

Loving my hand. 

The other night while I was checking emails and blogs, Stripey decided he wanted more cuddles.  Not content to sit next to me, this is what he did.

How cute is this cat?  I'm so grateful to have animals in my life, they are just adorable.

Have a lovely day and Easter everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. Anne - Stripey is so cute and what a sook! At least he looks comfortable - how about you?!
    I love the chooks around me in the garden too - but they make such a mess!! Digging up everywhere - grrrrr.
    I must say I'm impressed with your stamp labels. Very organised. I have heaps of stamping things put away in the garage. Must sort them out one day.
    Have a lovely Easter break. cheers Wendy

  2. Hey Anne, that is such a great photo of Stripey, trying to get as close as possible but not get in the way, too cute.

    Animals give so much love. I always think a house is more a home with a cat curled up purring away on a chair somewhere.............

    I remember when my mum would come and visit, Tigger would hop up on her lap and then proceed to lick her cheek, which she hated. She would sit there pulling faces, but let him do it, because he enjoyed it so much........

    Isn't it fun to let the girls help with the gardening? They are so eagle eyed and can spot a creepy, crawly at ten paces. I love all the different noises they make too. You can tell when they have found a tasty morsel.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend,

    Claire :}

  3. We always had cats growing up but we haven't had one for about 12 years! The dog is getting old and is seriously ill and I think when she is gone another cat may arrive - maybe! It would be nice, I prefer cats to dogs!

    I'd love to have a few chickens, some of the neighbours do and they squeeze through into the garden sometimes!

    What is sooky? I've never heard that word before!

  4. Surely that is not comfortable for him. He must be so determined to be with you.

    I've been digging up weeds in the kitchen garden, this week. The hens have been dangerously close to losing a foot or head at times. They don't wait until I've finished an area. I had to shut them in their run in the end. I love seeing them peck around.

    I've not heard of yabbies before. What interesting creatures. Have a good Easter!

  5. Stripey looks adorable! Love these photos.
    Have a lovely Easter too!

  6. Is stripey after the ( computer) mouse ? What are Yabbies ? I've heard of Yabby creek in 'Home & Away' ! I let my girls wonder round the garden but they kept esaping so I've penned them in but sometimes I let them out to peck.

    Happy Easter x

  7. If you have a look at my post again I've put a link on the word yabby. The link colour is a bit faint. Sorry.


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