Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crochet frustration

I suppose it's my own fault really, I didn't read the slouchy hat pattern
through to the end. But.......why oh why can't the U.S. and the U.K. get their acts together and have the same crochet terminology, at least for the sake of the crafter's sanity.   It's just SO ridiculous to have different names for the same stitches.    Doesn't happen in knitting does it?!!

  Most patterns on the internet state whether it is in U.S. or U.K. terminology, thankfully.  So I shall start again because I'm stubborn and I won't let some stupid pattern get the better of me.

Tantrum over.  :)

Have a lovely day everyone,
Anne xx


  1. O dear. Sounds frustrating. I'll have to remember those differences if I ever start back to proper crocheting. Hope it works out the second time. The wool is lovely and has that warm look to it. Cherrie

  2. Oh I am with you on this one Anne.

    It's soooooo frustrating. I just manage to remember what a UK trbl is and then I find a pattern using US instructions and have to figure out what's what.

    I actually wrote down UK/US terminology and keep it in my crochet bag just to help with the confusion............

    All the best with the reworking of the hat,

    Claire :}

  3. If I had a dollar for every time I've made that mistake.
    I think you'll be pleased that you started again though, it looks like a great hat.

  4. oh dear!

    I don't crochet as you know, but it does sound confusing from what I have seen around blogger!

    Good luck with the second attempt!

  5. So nice to meet you! And I hear you!!! Maybe the knitting terminology is the same, but the needle sizes are numbered differently!! And while we're at it, maybe we could get the two places to agree on one a name for chips/crisps, fries/chips, cookies/biscuits , trunks/boots, yards/gardens, sweaters/jumpers, etc... :-)

  6. Oh Anne - fun to frustration so quickly!
    I'm sure you'll be able to start it over and the end result will be lovely. I totally understand where you're coming from though!


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