Saturday, 14 May 2011

Early winter

With an early winter setting in, I'm very glad I made another neck warmer.  The colour is a deep chocolate brown and not at all the colour the photo portrays.

Don't you think the back gate post makes a stunning model? :)  

A couple of weeks ago I lifted the strawberries out of the ground and planted them in an old aluminium cauldron.  Mum use to make jam in the cauldron but as we don't use aluminium for cooking anymore, she very kindly donated it to me.  Hubby drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage and put it on bricks so the strawberries will be off the ground.  

The garden is very wet underfoot with all the rain we have had this past week.  Yesterday and last night we had thunderstorms and hail with more rain this morning.  My roses are looking very bedraggled and will be sitting as is until they get a prune in late July, early August.

There aren't too many flowers out in the garden now.  However when I was raking leaves in the front yard last week, I noticed the snowdrop bulb leaves already coming up.  They shouldn't be doing that yet, so I have no idea what is going on with the weather.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. It's the complete opposite here - a very early summer and no rain at all! The knitting looks very cosy!

    Pomona x

  2. I wish I had the patience for knitting, I find it works up so slowly compared to crochet. I have booked a refresher class in a few weeks so maybe I will be more enthusiastic after that - I'd love to knit socks!!

    We need a bit of rain here, it's been so dry and as a horse owner I'm concerned that we are going to have a hay shortage again this year. Last year saw the big bales go from £25 each to £45 and my horses can get through one a week in the depths of winter!!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend....

    S x

  3. Love your neck warmer!
    What a beautiful garden you have! The bench is pretty too.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

  4. Tis the weather for neck warmers Anne that's for sure, maybe gloves, scarf, coat, thermals hehehe.........

    Sounds like you've copped the works down there. We've just had rain and cold...........

    Your strawberries look very nice in their new pot. I should plant some in a pot. We haven't grown any for a couple of years due to the drought.

    Hope you enjoy a sunny Sunday,

    Claire :}

  5. My garden is looking a bit bedraggled at this time of year.
    We've had a few frosts already this month - killed off the borlotti beans and nasturtiums in the vegie patch.
    I had my neck warmer on yesterday - I say "neck" warmer but really they are "top of boob" warmers coz I have ginormous bazookas and they are always sticking out the top of my shirts and getting cold.

  6. I love you neck warmer Anne. It looks very cosy and soft.
    Those strawberries look good too :o)

    It's been dry here and gorgeous. I think we jsut had our summer!! That's usually the way. if it's nice in spring (and I don't ever remember a nicer one!) we get a really lousy summer. Still I shouldn't complain!

    Take care Anne. xx

  7. makes me feel chilly looking at it ! The strawberries look fab in the pot.

  8. Loving the neck warmer ...... and it does look great on the post too. x

  9. Just what is it about cameras not being able to photograph some colours? I was trying to photograph something dark brown last week and it turned out lilac.....

    Have just been catching up with you and LOVED the post about changing body shape.... I can truly sympathise/empathise.

    Love the photo of the strawberries in the preserving pan.


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