Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Mothers Day flowers

Beautiful gift with beautiful wrapping paper and gorgeous owl eco carry bag from Miss C.  Thank you darling.

Views from walking in my neighbourhood.

A nearby creek.

The laneway opposite our home.

Our front yard is behind the post.  You can just see a stone wall in the centre of the photo, that's ours.

We had our first frost last night.  We don't get too many of them where we are because we are quite sheltered.  I'm thinking of you Claire up in the cold countryside air wearing your lovely new wrist warmers.
I'm sure the fire is roaring today.

Enjoy your day,

Anne  xx


Claire said...

Oh Cheers Anne, it's a beautiful day but will be getting chilly later this week. There's already snow in the Alps. We've had a couple of light frosts so far. Have finally put the doona on the bed, sooooo cosy. Am very thankful every night when I sink into the depths of my bed.

The fire will be going shortly with clothes drying in front of it.........

Lovely pics of your corner, love the creek and the ferns, so typical of the Dandenongs. Good exercise walking some of your streets, I'm huffing and puffing just looking at the photos. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Must dash and get ready for work,


Claire :}

Oh silly me, almost forgot. I love the bag Miss C gave you, too cute and gorgeous flowers, you deserve them Anne.

Pomona said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures - we are just awaiting our last frost!

Pomona x

bad penny said...

Looks so pretty where you live. Lovely flowers

Little Blue Mouse said...

Thanks for the walk round your neighbourhood.
The flowers are gorgeous!

Victoria said...

Thank you for sharing those lovely scenes from around you. It looks glorious. x

SarahB said...
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SarahB said...

Thanks sharing the pics of your neighbourhood, it looks so different from here. It really is amazing (to me anyway!!) that as we are just beginning our summer you are going into winter.

How has the weather been? Hubby's Mum visited her sister in Victoria in February and the weather was dreadful then - Auntie said it's been usually unsettled recently....

Hope you are feeling well,

S x

(Previous comment deleted due to typo's - sorry!!)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Gorgeous flowers!
You live in a beautiful place. Love seeing your neighbourhood.