Sunday, 19 June 2011

18th Birthday Celebrations

Saturday evening saw our family and Genevieve's close friends celebrating her 18th birthday.  In keeping with the personality of the birthday girl, I made a chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes decorated with all sorts of nonsense.

It was all about colour, spots, stripes and patterns.  A little bit bright and bubbly to match Genevieve's personality.

The before picture.  Hubby had to do a little surgery to the main cake.  I like to keep things real.  :)
Here is Genevieve standing next to her cousin.

I don't think this photo needs any explanation.

As well as a multitude of balloons and streamers, I scattered fairly lights around which looked very pretty. 

The chicken balls, the chicken nuggets, sausage rolls were the biggest hit with the young ones.  The older ones, ahem, got stuck into the cheeses and other more sophisticated food.  Hubby had an emergency dash to buy more drinks as I underestimated the thirst of dancing girls.  Ooops!  And just to add a touch of something healthy, I made a huge fruit platter to snack on which was very much enjoyed.

Just because I can, I'm showing you one more photo of Genevieve which was taken in February this year before her school formal.  This would have to be my favourite photo of Genevieve, she's gorgeous.

Today was all about recovering from a very late night, the preparations and snacking on leftovers.

Have a great week,

Anne  xx


  1. OH Anne your daughter is stunning, you must be a very proud mom. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful party, the food looked & sounded yum, i do lurv party food. Happy belated to Genevieve
    Karen Xxx

  2. Your daughter is just beautiful Anne, she has got fabulous hair and THE most beautiful eyes!!

    Cake looks yummy, we spent yesterday eating leftovers from H's birthday on Friday so not good for the old Weightwatchers.

    S x

  3. It looked a very happy day. Great cake ........ and gorgeous birthday girl. x

  4. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl! All the pics look amazing, love the food, fruits, cake, birthday girl and her mum! Take care, Yollie

  5. What beautiful girls you have.
    It looks like you had a wonderful night.
    I love the photo of the cake surgery.
    My theory is - just cover it up with icing and pretend that's how it's meant to be!

  6. What a beautiful girl.... and I love her taste in shoes in the previous post.

  7. Genevieve is a gorgeous girl - just like her Mum.
    Pam x

  8. Oh Anne, you have been blessed with two beautiful girls............

    Looks and sounds like a great time was had by all.
    Love the deco's on the cake matching Genevieve's personality, great idea.

    Love it when you have to do surgery to the cake, you get to have a little pre party taste test...........

    Claire :}

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    What a lovely party and just right too. You can see from the photos thast she is a bubbly one.

  10. A gorgeous girl and party food ! Glad you had a lovely time

  11. Oh your daughter looks really gorgeous! How I enjoy this post, everything is wonderful! I'm so glad you had a great time!
    Happy Birthday to Genevieve!
    And a wonderful time to her Mom! :) xo

  12. Great snaps of the lovely birthday girl. She's gorgeous, you all must be so proud of her. Looks like it was a great night - you can relax now after all your hard work!

  13. Happy belated birthday! What a party. I'm not surprised that your daughter has such a gorgeous smile. Such fun!


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