Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Introducing "Cooking with Freefalling"

Today I would like to introduce you to "Cooking with Freefalling", one of my all time favourite blogs.  If you are looking for a visual feast of superbly photographed home cooking and baking, check out this blog.  You will not be disappointed.  Here is a small sample from Letitia's latest post.

Photo from
Photo from

One of the most wonderful things about the blogging world is discovering people who have amazing talents.  This lady oozes photography talent.  I want you all to enjoy what I have been soaking up the past few months.

 Letitia had no idea about this post until I asked her if I might let my followers take a peek into her world which she agreed to.  Have a look at her other blogs too, the photography is fantastic.  Not only does Letitia take gorgeous photos, she has been very supportive during my low moments.  Beautiful photography, beautiful person.


Anne  xx


  1. I have put on weight just looking at those photos. A very clever girl with the camera.

  2. How cool is this??!
    You're such a sweetie Anne.
    Thank you for saying such kind things about my photos.
    I really do love flinging my camera around.
    I wish I could send you a piece of my cake over the internet waves!
    Now.....what shall I bake next?!

  3. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to check her blog right now!

  4. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful blog - Yummy!

  5. Hello Anne! Now that recipe looks delicious... I'll check out her blog. I forgot you are entering your winter season. You have no idea how glad I am ours is over. It's hard to let the gardens go for now. I hope you have plans for many indoor projects!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs Rosemary...X

  6. The cake looks so delicious - very fortifying indeed!

    Pomona x

  7. oh wow ! Blogging amazes me... I have a question, these days ...I ask a Blogger !

  8. Hello, please send me your address,so i can send your package



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