Friday, 16 September 2011

My week

Hello everyone.  Before I start, I should warn you this will be a photo heavy post, so if you are running short on time, you might want to tune out now.  I'd love it if you'd stick around though 'cos I've have some gorgeous photos to share.

First up we have the adorable Stripey who continues to give our family much pleasure.  I never cease to be amazed at the interesting ways they sit.
From the other side.
Yesterday I had some visitors of the feathery kind.  I have posted photos of these parrots before, but they are so beautiful I couldn't resist sharing more.
Adult female King Parrot
Adult male King Parrot

Sitting on the pergola
We also had some Rainbow Lorikeets visit too.  While I love their beautiful colours, I don't welcome them because they are aggressive, very destructive and chase the more tame and gentle King Parrots away. 
Adult male and female Rainbow Lorikeets have the same colour plumage
We are off out into the garden now for a bit of a tour of what's been happening which is rather a lot now that spring is here and we are welcoming sunny days and warmer temperatures.
I've planted some of these carrots.  They look kind of cute with their little round shape.

The Cinerarias are flowering in colours that make me very happy, bright and bold.

Pansies, Primula (just about finished now), Polyanthus, Sweet William and Alyssum.
Alyssum, Sweet William and Campion and Fuschia coming into bud.

Stripey decided to join me in the sunshine.  Just after I took this photo, he decided to roll on the garlic I have planted under the Roses.  He was shooed away very quickly.

Tree Fern fronds unfurling towards that gorgeous blue sky.
Sunlight on some other Tree Ferns in the backyard.
Liquid Amber not yet in leaf.  I took this photo to show the contrast of the grey/brown branches against the beautiful blue.
The ornamental grapevine coming into leaf under the pergola which will give us lovely summer shade.
These lovely yellow flowers come from the following crimson/green succulent, of which I don't know the name.

While looking at some other succulents I have planted in a tub, I discovered the little fern trying to share soil space.  Some of the fern spoors must have taken a liking to this spot.

While walking around I spotted something else flowering brightly and discovered a Cyclamen in flower.  Such a pretty colour it is amongst the greenery.

One last photo (phew), an update on my painting.  I worked on the arms (forearm is a bit sinewy and thin, hand (thumb needs to be longer), defining the neck and improving the skin colour.  The face is still not the right colour and I just had to add some hair to the head as I was most disconcerted to be painting around an egg head.  Her hair is up and away from her face in a messy bun, so that's why I've painted it short.

Well that's it for now.  Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing.

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, nice to have a little tour around your garden and see what is happening. Those carrots look like so sweet, bite sized, no need to peel.

    The parrots are gorgeous and the Lorikeets are so colourful, but I know what you mean about them being destructive creatures. We used to live in Queensland and when you get a group of them together they kick up such a din...........

    Stripey looks quite comfortable sitting there.........Tig is here beside me stretched out oblivious to everything going on around him.

    Your painting is coming along nicely too, you have such a talent.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire X

  2. great photos of stripey!

    I remember one of your first posts having those birds in it! They are so bright!

  3. Anne, your garden with gorgeous flowers and plants, beautiful cat and colorful parrots looks like a PARADISE!
    Success on your painting.

  4. How do they make those colours?
    Wouldn't it be great if we could do that with our hair?
    And such lovely little faces.

    I grew those funny little round carrots last year (or the year before - can't remember) and I had a lot more success with them than the normal ones.

  5. The colouring of those Rainbow Lorikeets is wonderful; they were certainly at the head of the queue when colours were handed out!

    What is that implement in front of the carrots?

  6. I think the red succulent goes by the rather elegant name 'Aeonium'. I have some in my backyard - I also have a greener variety. They grow rather leggy and sometimes snap off when the wind picks up.


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