Saturday, 22 October 2011

Muck up day

Muck up day is a tradition that most Australians will be familiar with.  The last day of school for year 12 students, a day when they can let their hair down and have a bit of fun.  Of course we know that some kids have gone overboard in past years, so many pranks have been curtailed.  Miss G.'s school permits a little bit of fun such as decorating rooms (which they have to tidy up later) and dressing up in crazy clothes and having an early morning breakfast at school before the final assembly.

This is how Genevieve chose to dress up on Friday.  Oh the joy of being an uninhibited 18 year old.

O.k. the fun is over for now as she is swatting up for a French oral exam on Tuesday.

In other news, Charlotte will be retaking her driving test in about three weeks.  Just a few more things to work on before they will pass her.  Her first test was a good experience for her and the examiner was impressed with her reverse parking.  She does a better job than me!

Well it's a quiet Saturday night home for me after having lunch with my sister-in-law today.  It's raining (I love the sound of rain on our iron roof) and I think after dinner I'll be hooking away on my giant granny throw or making bunting stars. 

Bye for now,
Anne  xx


  1. Ha ha, I love Genevieve's outfit!

    It's only lunchtime here and it's a lovely sunny (but very windy) day!

  2. Brilliant costume ! Sorry about the test. Jess failed first time literally at the very end back in the test centre the examiner was waiting for a car infront to move but Jess had to reverse & she turned the steering wheel the wrong way for a second !

  3. Fantastic, brilliant. Great outfit. x

  4. Great outfit! I remember my silly last few days of school way back when. It was fun. Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain while cozying up with the hook and yarn. Good luck to Charlotte on her driving test. :)

  5. Great costume!
    Congratulations to Genevieve and to Charlotte!

    Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.


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