Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Giant Granny square throw TA DAH and new oil painting portrait update

It's finished.  I finally finished making my giant Granny square throw and I am SO very happy with it.  I thought I'd finished it in the last couple of rows but it just wasn't quite right so I fiddled with it some more and now I'm satisfied.

The fabric of the cushion cover is what I based my colour scheme on.

That white paw belongs to Stripey.

My new oil painting portrait is coming along well and I'm pleased with the progress so far.

Original photo

I've had the last painting class for the year as we head into the summer holiday break although it is my intention to have a couple of painting sessions at home.

On Saturday Charlotte and I are off two the Gold Coast for a weeks break.  I'm looking forward to sand beneath my feet, sea air to breathe in and perhaps a paddle in the sea.  We will fit in some rather fun things while we are there and hopefully I will be able to post to the blog while away.  Charlotte has a sore throat at the moment, so fingers crossed she recovers soon.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Anne xx


  1. Woo hoo and doesn't it look fabulous.........well done Anne, hat's off to you ( my blanket isn't even half way there yet!!}

    Love the colours, looks great with the cushion and Stripey staking his claim!!
    Love the red edging and the pic of it all folded up, now a rather long wait till Winter, hehe.....

    Your painting is really coming along, you are such a clever thing.

    have fun on the GC and safe travels and I hope Charlotte feels better ASAP, can' be unwell on hols, that just won't do.

    Claire X

  2. Love the granny throw Anne! The colors are awesome!! Have fun on your trip!

  3. Hi Anne , I LOVE your giant granny ...the colours are so cheerful and your edging is very pretty. My blankets are all in use at the moment as it's so cold around here ! Enjoy your break ...hope Charlotte is well very soon.
    Jacquie x

  4. The granny is lovely Anne, I love how you matched the colours. I'm so making some sort of granny after I have finished the hex. Your painting is also coming along nicely.

    Have a great break xx

  5. The Giant Granny is gorgeous - love those colours :)

    Have a great break with your daughter - am envious - have a paddle for me :)

  6. Great crocheting and art work! I can see why you're pleased.
    Have a great time on the Goldie. Hope the weather picks up a bit for you both. Have fun. cheers Wendy

  7. Absolutely gorgeous blanket! You must be so chuffed with yourself! I cant imagine how many ends you had to sew in on that!!
    Enjoy your time at the sea!

  8. Anne I love the colours of your blanket!! We could do with a couple of giant ones cuz of the snow ^_^ I made a tiny granny square one for my mum. it became tiny because I got lazy lol and i find it very hard to crochet in winter because of arthritis. Terrible to be 25 with arthritis!

  9. Fantastic throw. I never know when to stop going round and round. The colours are beautiful.
    Love from Mum

  10. Oh 2 weeks at the beach!!
    Lucky you!
    I lived there for a little while - in a little beach house behind the Palm Beach Surf Club.
    I hate to think how much it has changed since then.
    Burleigh Heads and Currumbin beaches used to be the nicest back then.

    I'm very jealous of your blanket.
    It looks fantastic - lots of lovely colour.
    I am not entering the 3rd year of work on mine!!

    It's interesting to see how your painting is progressing - I'll be curious to see how that scarf around her waist turns out.

  11. The granny throw is gorgeous, I love the colours.

    I hope Charlotte is well soon, and you have a good holiday.

  12. Your granny throw is really beautiful! I LOVE your smart idea of picking colors out of a favorite piece of fabric!!

  13. So beautiful and colorful the granny throw! Your painting is nicely too.
    You are very talented!


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