Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Dad

Hello wonderful friends.  I hope everyone is travelling well at this time of the year when things are so busy.  I've been enjoying looking at all your blogs, seeing your preparations for Christmas, the food, the decorations and especially the gift making.  I love seeing the creativity and crafting that is going on.

I know there is one young lady in America who is making a bunny a day, her own little bunny advent project.  Check out the link to see gorgeous bunnies in different coloured and patterned fabrics.  I have really enjoyed seeing gorgeous home made decorations over at Chipper Nelly, not what you would expect from a post titled Pig.  Are you intrigued?  Read about their latest very cute animal acquisition and then feast your eyes on glorious Christmas decorations.

Not a lot is happening around here, little bits and pieces of decorating and perhaps some baking tomorrow.  To tell the truth my mind is not on Christmas but in Western Australia with my Dad who is very unwell with a heart condition.  He is 83 and has been a hard working farmer until he retired which seems to be not so many years ago although I suppose I have lost track of time.   He is very tired and not feeling or sounding himself.  This is the time when it is so hard to be living on the other side of the country, I can't just pop in and see how he is.  There is at least the telephone.

I'll leave you with this lovely view of waves crashing against the rocks at Rainbow Bay last week.

Bye for now,

Anne  xx


  1. Best wishes for your dear Dad, Anne. I hope all is merry and bright. x

  2. Its always difficult to be far from loved ones - especially when they are unwell. Hope he is ok.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and best wishes to your dad too - hope he soon feels stronger.

  4. I do hope your Dad feels better soon Anne. Hopefully you will get to visit him soon also. Have a great day and give him a call. :)

  5. Anne, I'm so sorry to hear that your dad is not well and so far away from you. You may not be there in person but I'm sure he'll love hearing your voice. All the best for Christmas and the New Year.
    Love from Mum

  6. Hey Anne, it is difficult being so far away, thanks goodness for telephones. Sometimes putting thoughts into a letter can help bridge the distance and bring you a little closer at this time.
    I do hope he is feeling better ASAP .............
    Oh to think this time last week you were in Queensland.
    It's looking a little grey here today but I am sure the sun will put in an appearance soon enough.
    Take care,

    Claire X

  7. I know what you mean about your Dad being a long way away. At least mine is only a four hour drive away but that is not easy if you were needed in an emergency. Hope he is better soon.

  8. I hope your Dad is back to normal very soon.

    Have a lovely Christmas x x


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