Sunday, 26 February 2012


The dreaded 'I' word.

Definition from in·som·ni·a
Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.
Do you suffer from it?  What triggers it in you?  What do you do to relieve it?  

The past three nights I have not been able to sleep for any length of time.  I go to bed at the normal time, perhaps doze for 15 minutes or so and then I'm AWAKE.  I'm awake when I need and want to be sleeping and resting.   AHHHHHHHH!!!!  It's o.k. really, just feeling a little loopy, hazy, dim witted, sluggish, oh and did I mention tired?

On a completely random note, I found this image of my dream laundry on Pinterest.  So ordered, so tidy, so pretty, so impossible!
How about this one?  This is really more what I'd love, bold, bad and brassy.  How could the laundry get you down if you had these bright colours to wake you up as you walked in the door?!  (Perhaps I need red in my life today to wake me up.) 

This Pinterest business is very addictive.  I started a board titled Bohemian and now have 226 followers. WHAT!!  All I do is look for bold, bright, colourful, eclectic, hippyish......anything goes type decor images and pin them.  I can really let my hair down 'virtually' so to speak without offending my family with my artistic, decorating urges just waiting to burst out.  (I find it so hard to be retstrained at times.)  I've often though it would be nice to have two or five houses that I could decorate in different styles that I love.  Now I can do that vicariously on Pinterest.  Hubby should be very pleased that Pinterest is saving him lots of money.  :)

Do you have to restrain yourself?  What ideas do you have to reign in?

Sorry this is a bit of a scrambled eggs type post, that's all I'm good for today.

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you had a good sleep last night!!

Anne  xx


  1. They surely do look like wonderful laundry rooms. I wouldn't know what to do with that much space in a laundry room. Heaven!

  2. I cleaned house once for a lady whose laundry was as tidy and pretty as the first one. Of course, it was only her husband and herself in the house and she had a cleaner who had to move all the decorations and clean every fortnight. lol Cherrie

  3. Ah the sleep thing..bit of a nuisance eh!
    Pinterest..yes great for expressing all the different parts of us. I love having that virtual expression..& it doesn't even have a chance to get messy! x

  4. Sleep deprivation.....torture, aargh!!

    Two or five houses.......obviously a house cleaner for each one Anne, couldn't stand the thought of all that house work!!
    Pinterest, lots of inspiration to be found, but I haven't caught the bug yet......enough time spent on the computer already me thinks.

    Been a veeeeery wet, cloudy and foggy day here.
    Hope you've had a good weekend.

    Claire x

  5. My laundry room turns into a bit of a dumping area. My gardening stuff is left there to be put away and then starts to grow roots. Maybe I should aspire to a tidy laundry room. Hope sleep finds you soon.

  6. Oh dear, insomnia is not good, my Mum is a terrible insomniac, has been for years.

    A friend of mine swears by valerian tablets (from the health food store) she says they really work.

    Love, love, love the first laundry room!!

    S x

  7. Fortunately rarely I have insomnia. But I guess that what triggers it on me is to stayed much time on Internet or on computer in the nighttime.

    Love these laundry.

    Have a pleasant Sunday!

  8. I sympathise with you about sleeping. It's dreadful not being able to 'nod off'. i would love to have enough room to have a laundry room. I think I like your first example the best.
    Love from Mum

  9. don't even start me on insomnia! Ive suffered and I mean suffered from it since i was 14. Ive tried everything. Removed all electronics from my room, only use my bedroom for sleeping... no exciting duvet covers (there was a disaster last year with some bright yellow polka dots O_O) had baths... i now have an acupressure mat. My brain just doesn't switch off. Ever. Which is unfortunate and annoying. My better half takes about 5 seconds to nod off and I can hear him breathing which makes me want to murder him lol. I try to keep the same bed time.. I've got ear plugs... I've got a mask.. I tried meditating at night with a special iPhone app which was great for like a week then it stopped being useful. And now the phone is banished :P need to get a clock but a silent one i think lol. And i always think about useless things. and if i think of something useful i forget it :p just now (at 10:30) I'm remembering that last night iw as meant to measure something and forgot it about it all day. stupid brain!

    Im off to sleep soon. just had to let u know i sympathise :p our washing machine was out of order at the weekend and it got fixed on monday. Been like a chinese laundry service in our kitchen ever since :P bras and tights hanging everywhere and i live with 2 boys god love them lol. (bras and tights are mine just to be clear)

  10. I'm awake most nights for a couple of hours ( did a blog post about it this week ) Sometimes I can cope the next day & sometimes I feel drained. I wake in the morning thinking that I must have slept because I dreamed but it doesn't feel like I've slept at all.


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