Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Roly poly

Hi everyone, just checking in to say hello.  Not much has been happening in my world out of the ordinary, so not much to report and certainly no wonderful photos to share.  So I shall just ramble on a bit about bits and pieces.

Most of my energy has been taken up in the garden these past few weeks in an effort to have it looking reasonable before hubby and I head off to Europe at the end of April.  I've been pruning, pruning and pruning with a little weeding and transplanting of self sewn plants to fill up spaces in the garden.  Who knew two days of gardening straight would give me so many aches and pains.  I really wasn't feeling like yoga this morning but glad I went as it straightened out of few crinkles in the body.

I titled this post roly poly but I'm not talking about the pudding, I'm talking about what happened to me after overbalancing on these steps.

I was squatting on the fourth step from the top while pulling weeds and over I went.  I tried to stop myself from falling but to no avail.  I'm absolutely fine though, a slight graze on my left elbow, a few bruises on my back and of course my dignity....just a bit dented.  It's nice to know that at 49 I still bounce.  :)

Here are a few images of the autumn garden.  There isn't much flowering, the summer annuals are finished and some of the roses are having a last little spurt before they shut down for winter.  The fuchsias are good value though and flower through all the seasons which is nice. It's also the reason I have so many of them in the garden.

Cuphea ignea Firecracker plant, Cigarette bush, Cigar flower                           

Loving the two tone colour hydrangea flowers on one shrub.

Our very small crop of raspberries.  The bugs sucked the sap out of the plants in summer and destroyed the fruit.  A little autumn harvest is better than none.
My gardening companions yesterday and those naughty steps.  (Mum, the word naughty is in there just for you!)  :)
 In between gardening I have started crocheting another vest, in black this time.  The pattern is much slower to work up than the last one, so I'll do a little more before I show you.

Wishing all a very lovely day/evening and thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings.

Anne  xx


  1. Ouch - nasty weeds and steps.

    Your garden looks lovely - still some colour there. Mine is just starting to come to life.

    By the time you come of the UK we should be starting to burst with colour :)

  2. Love the idea that yoga irons out creases. What a happy thought. I hope you are taking those steps with great care. We have lots of fuscias in our garden. They die back every winter, but sprout like mad in the summer. I couldn't imagine a garden without them.

  3. Naughty steps indeed - lucky that you do bounce Anne!
    That trip has come around quickly - lucky you again.

  4. Hey Anne, soooo glad a grazed elbow was the only injury.......last thing you need just before your trip.

    What a beauty that rose is, stunning pic with the coloured buds beside it. Do you know the name of it?

    I must check out our raspberries and see if we have any fruit. Those sap sucking bugs, didn't get much of a chance here, between the chooks and the family not many of them escaped, to do more damage to the fruit.
    Love Fuschias, but don't grow any here, the garden is definitely slowing. Next week will be about gardening, this week is all about sewing........

    Look forward to seeing your crocheted vest, is it going away with you?

    Enjoy your week, the weather is just perfect here, but rain later in the week,

    Claire X

  5. There still seems to be lots of colour in your garden. Tell those steps off from me.
    Love from Mum

  6. ouch hope your are feeling ok now after your tumble, your garden is so lovely you must work very hard in it x

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your fall but I'm so glad the post wasn't about roly poly pudding. I loved most of the puddings we had at school but roly poly was nearly as bad as sago. Yuk!


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