Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sewing and painting

Why is it that clothes always seem wear out at the same time?  I recently had to replace some pyjama pants as the old ones were well and truly worn out.  So I went shopping and found some gorgeous PJ pants in a lovely blue paisley design.  I LOVE paisley.  Put them together with a tank or a t-shirt and I think I'm set for PJs.  Not so as I've notice my other PJ pants are wearing so thin they have a hole in them.  I didn't particularly feel like going out and buying another pair and hit on the idea of making some.  I didn't fancy buying a pattern so I dug out this pattern I've had tucked away for years and decided to make my PJs from the pants pattern.
Sorry about the the terrible photo.
I didn't fancy buying fabric either and decided to use up some I had intended to use for another project but never got around to.  So here are my new PJ pants, lary and colourful, just perfect for a good nights sleep don't you think?!

I did make the pants not the shorts, I've just folded them up for the photo.  Just look at that fabric, you can't go wrong with stripes polka dots and flowers now can you?    These pants were very easy to make but I did make a couple of mistakes.  I sewed the buttonholes for the ties on the back of the waist band instead of the front.  So now I have buttonholes on the back and the front.  :)  The pants were also too long between the waist and the crotch so I folded the excess fabric up under the waist band and sewed it down.  Now it just looks like a band that was always meant to be there.  I'm very happy how they turned out even after the extra fiddling.

I have done more work on my painting, this time concentrating on one of the paintings in the background of the photo.  This was a new experience for me as there is very little colour in the painting and have had to get the face shape by using shadowing from a very limited palette.  The man looks quite fierce in the photo so that's how I've painted him.

I've concentrated on the face only and have more work to do on the background part of this small painting.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break. Thanks for stopping by.

Anne  xx


  1. I like those pants. The pattern seems perfect. Happy Easter!

    Renee :)

  2. Lovely fabric. Very interesting painting - looking forward to seeing the finished article.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Your Jammies are amazing ! The man looks dark & brooding.

  4. Hey Anne, that pattern looks very familiar....think I may have bought it to make a wrap skirt.

    Well done on the PJ the fabric too...

    Well done on the painting.....I did notice the two portraits in the background of your painting. I thought you had chosen a tough one, but it's coming along very nicely........

    Hope your weekend is going well,

    Claire x

  5. I love the pj pants and the painting is coming on a treat!

  6. Sorry. Can't do the jarmies. Wouldn't want to be seen dead in them.
    Painting coming along well.

    1. Grika punk, they're just your colour and style, what's da madder wiv ya?! No sense of adventure. :) Thanks for the NOICE comments about my painting.
      Blister xx


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