Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hi everyone.  We have arrived in Leek, Staffordshire after stopping for one night in the Bath area.  We have driven both days mostly in rain but that hasn't stopped our enjoyment of beautiful England.

I have a confession to make, I'm in love.  In love with the south west of Cornwell where we spent a very enjoyable four days.  After leaving the ferry, we were welcomed by good English weather and a ton of bunting decorations for the Queens diamond jubilee celebrations.

Our destination was St. Keverne and on the way we stopped for a look at Falmouth, stopping for lunch at a little village along the way.  We saw this little boat and thought of the family who share the name.  :)

Our accommodation was a bed and breakfast just out of St. Keverne, our host Rita welcomed us warmly and we had the best time staying with her and her sister who was visiting from London.
Rita's house.
Rita's gorgeous garden.
During out stay we visited many lovely villages, coves and went for some lovely walks making the most of the fine weather on Monday.  Walking in Cornwall is a delight, from rocky coastline tracks too fields and shady pathways, it is all wonderful.  Here are a selection of photos from our stay.
This is Alfie, Rita's daughter's horse who lives in a paddock up the hill.  He was absolutely beautiful.
Talking to Charlotte on the mobile phone in Alfie's paddock where we could get phone reception.
Near Church's Cove

While walking on the track above I heard rustling in the long grass and saw a Badger.  He/she was walking in the long grass toward the path but saw me and went back to his home.  I was fortunate enough to take some photos and feel privileged to have seen this animal in the wild.
You can just see the black and white of the Badger's head in this photo.
This is the place I was telling you about Dad when we were talking on the phone.
We not only found an inn named after you, we also found this boat named after you, double Trouble.
St. Ives
St. Michael's Mount near Penzance
Following tractors down narrow lanes.
Giant's Quoits
The Devil's Frypan

Foxgloves growing by the sea, gorgeous!!
This is just a small part of our visit to Cornwall, a very photo heavy post, but the photos do the talking.

Back soon with tales of Staffordshire.

Anne  xx


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying England, I was worried this rubbish weather we're having would spoil it for you!
    And how lucky are you? You've only been here a few days and seen a badger and I've lived here all my life and never seen one.

  2. How lucky are you seeing a Badger, those funny beasties.
    Beautiful Foxgloves growing wild, I bought a punnet of seedlings yesterday, so hopefully mine will look as spectacular!!

    Lovely photos Anne, wonderful memories. You've certainly been covering a few kms and countries. Trip of a life time.....

    A heavy frost here this morning but a beautiful day has followed....the start of a long weekend....

    Claire x

  3. Anne your photos are just gorgeous (Alfie does look adorable) and I think I'm now officially in love with Cornwall too!! What a great holiday this has been for you both. cheers Wendy

  4. Hi Anne, love your holiday posts. Cornwall is one of my favourite places. Hope the weather gets better soon !
    Jacquie x

  5. wow Anne this is some holiday, hope you are enjoying every minute
    Lol Karen x

  6. Anne I just left a comment but it seems to have i'll put in another!!!
    This holiday of yours is so wonderful, all the different places & photos.
    Every country is so distinct & Ireland on the cards???
    Lol Karen x

  7. Lovely photos Anne! I too love and long to go back to Cornwall every year, St Ives is my fave place. Have fun on your trip.x

  8. Wonderful photos. I'm so glad you loved Cornwall. It is incredible there xx

  9. I love your photos Anne.
    Julie xx

  10. You are so lucky to have seen a badger in the wild - especially during daytime :)

  11. I wonder if we were ever in the same place at the same time? My latest post highlights the plight of the poor passengers on that cruise ship - who couldn't make it across to the Scillies. xxxxx

  12. badger? I've never seen a real one!
    Loving your online album - and keeping fingers crossed that the sun comes out! (have I said that already!?)
    You're looking great by the way
    fee x

  13. What glorious photos - what a glorious trip. x

  14. Gorgeous photos, Cornwall is a beautiful part of the world and your photos make me want to visit there again.
    I hope you're enjoying the rest of your visit to the UK. Are you coming as far as Scotland? I also hope the weather improves. By the way, I've never ever seen a badger never mind get a photograph of one, well done!

  15. Hi Anne
    When you get a chance please pop over to my blog I have something to give you
    Julie xx
    ps. I won't be offended if you do not wish to accept :o)

  16. Oh Anne, I've finally managed some time to visit blogs and I'm beside myself with envy !!! I want so much to be there with you on this fantastic trip. So many of the places you've been are familiar and hold such fond memories for me . Then there are all the new places you've investigated for me. Be prepared for lots of questions when I can plan another trip.
    Sorry I can't stop any longer to talk but I have to go right back to the beginning of your trip and read through slowly so I can really live it through you. Thanks!

  17. OK now I'm all caught up .
    A badger, you saw a badger!! I'm so jealous!
    Keep on posting. I'm eagerly awaiting your post about the Peak District as we love it there. I see you spent some time with Louise. I'm off to read her account of your visit now.


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