Friday, 20 July 2012

Gardening and crochet

Hello everyone, how are you?  Today was much warmer, a lovely 13C which meant it was the perfect day for some gardening.  With overcast skies, no wind and just a misty rain at times, I knew that rugged up in warm clothing and with gum boots (wellies) on my feet, those weeds were going to be history.

There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing a garden bed minus weeds and it was choked.  And gardening is always the perfect time to have a good ponder on life, mull things over, release some stress and enjoy the sounds of nature.  The kookaburras were exceptionally noisy today.

Some plants were pruned, something that should have been done in autumn but I was off overseas enjoying the delights of Europe instead.  There is another long section of this border along the driveway yet to weed and I haven't even touched the garden beds in the back yard.

A bright blue wheelbarrow (very muddy) is just the thing to cheer up a dull day.

After working for a couple of hours, my back and knees were protesting so it was time to go inside for some lunch and a sit down.  How lovely it was to cosy up on the sofa with my wool and hook, have a rummage through some grannies already made and contemplate how many more I will need to make for the blanket in my mind to become a reality.  I've no plan whatsoever really, just merrily hooking away at large and small grannies in the hope one day I'll have enough.  I've joined some together to get a sense of what it might look like....hmmm, lots of green and pink in there.

I had Stripey keeping me company and later he kept my legs toasty warm.

He is such a beautiful boy.

So I've passed a rather wonderful day doing things I love like gardening and crocheting.  Now it's time to think about dinner which will be baked fish with dill, home made baked chips and salad.  There might just be a self saucing pudding tonight too with lashings of cream.  Just the thing for a cold winter's evening.

Have the most wonderful weekend everyone.  I look forward to finding out what you all get up to on your blogs.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Anne  xx


  1. Both your garden and your crochet show promise of things to come. 13 degrees feels so cold to our low 15s and 17s. Nice that you have the time to cuddle up with a puss-hotwater-bottle. Cherrie

  2. Hi Anne , sounds like a perfect day. Wish we had 13 degrees in's midday here and 14 degrees in our supposed summer !!!
    Crochet squares look very pretty
    Jacquie x

  3. Hey Anne certainly sounds like you had a great day. I love the colours of your granny squares. Stripey looks very comfortable, I think he's giving you' a bit of a look' in the first pic. I wonder what he's thinking?

    I'm just finishing up packing the car for the market tomorrow 5am alarm, eek! Should be in bed, but Castaway has sucked me in and a bit of a blog surf and then I'm off. Have a great weekend .

    CLaire x

  4. A wonderful sounding day Anne. Gardening relaxes me also. And working on those grannies was a perfect reward for all that work in the yard. :)

  5. Hi Anne,

    Stripey is beautiful! A very proud looking kitty. I just love the granny squares they are so bright and cheerful.

    Jerra x

  6. It's been a lovely (not!) 14 degrees here today and raining all day, so no gardening done!

    I love the greens and pinks together in your crochet.

  7. Sounds like as close to perfect as it can get! Stripey is so cute. cheers Wendy

  8. I really like the colour palette you're using for that blanket, don't forget to keep us updated on your progress :D


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