Monday, 2 July 2012

June photo scavenger hunt

Good morning from a very wet and soggy Melbourne.  We have had over 42mm of rain in the last 24 hours and both the front and back yards look like swamps.  I'm not going to focus on the rain and cold though because it is time to post my selection of photos for the June photo scavenger hunt.


On the edge
Looking down from the edge of the Eiffel Tower

Skirt not worn anymore......
Recycled into a bag.


Out of reach
A dress with a price tag of nine thousand Euro
Peeling paint on a door in Montmartre

At night

Looking through the Louvre pyramid windows.

A crown on a tea towel celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee, given to me by an English cousin.

Bunting in Cornwall, Diamond Jubilee weekend.

View from The Roaches, Staffordshire.  Nothing more majestic than this!

I've very much enjoyed putting together June's list as I have had so many lovely photos to use from my travels around Europe.  As always, thank you Cathy
for hosting the scavenger hunt.

Anne  xx


  1. Lovely pics - great to be able to use so many from your trip.

    Gulp at the view over the edge of the Eiffel Tower - I remember going up there on a school trip about 30 years ago and looking over the edge and feeling very giddy.

  2. very well chosen photos Anne - but I guess you had plenty to chose from !! cheers Wendy

  3. Hey Anne, welcome home.....shame you've come back when it's sooooo cold and damp.
    Love the pics for your scavenger hunt, nice to be able to use so many from your trip.
    I guess you are still on a post holiday high and although you might be home the holiday memories are still nice and fresh......

    Claire :}

  4. Great photos! I love your interpretation of 'out of reach'.

  5. Love your photos - I think all of those of us with pets will be featuring them in 'sleep'. Your Eiffel Tower photo made me feel a bit wobbly.

  6. What a great set of photos - a selection from around the world too! Of course, 'majesty' is my favourite! I'm glad you were able to join in this month!

    The weather is no better over here - it has been cool, wet and windy for all of June. The great British summer! I'm assuming if it rains and rains now by the time the summer hols arrive it'll be sunny!

  7. Wonderful photos the bag you made ! I wouldn't be able to peek over the edge of the Eiffel Tower- I'd be standing well back !

  8. That just has to be cheating Anne!!! With all the amazing array of photos that you took & the places that you've been over these last weeks!! I have so loved all of your posts & have to say that yours is the first OE (ever) that I have found utterly fact I feel that I may well go back through your travel posts again quite soon. You did the most amazing job of capturing the feel of every place that you explored...well done!!! And thank you so much for sharing it all with us. Much love Catherine x0x0x


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