Saturday, 4 August 2012

Little things and anticipation

Hello, how are you?  Isn't it funny how sometimes the littlest of things can give you pleasure.  My pleasurable little things might be to somebody else very ho hum but I suppose that's what makes us individuals.

This morning while I was attending to some dishes (using my newly crocheted dish cloth), I really looked at both the kettle and toaster.  I mean REALLY looked!   They were filthy and needed cleaning, so I up ended the toaster to shake out all the crumbs, pulled out the crumb tray to shake, put it back and turned the toaster upright giving it a good polish with a micro fibre cloth.  WOW!  What a difference 5 minutes makes.

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 The kettle received a good polish too and I can almost see my face in it now.

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Two little jobs that took ten minutes have given me so much pleasure.

So in between a spot of cleaning and ironing, I'm packing my bag as I'm heading off to Western Australia early tomorrow morning, spending two weeks with my parents on the farm.  It's cold over there in an old farm house so into the bag goes a beanie, gloves, a scarf or two and some warm bed socks.  I might get a few walks in along the farm tracks and it gets windy over there so my beanie, scarf and gloves might come in handy.

Every time I visit I take dried figs for Dad, he loves them and are a little luxury for him.  When you are on a pension, it's not often you can afford those little extras.  I also take over ginger chocolate which is always a big hit.  There is nothing quite like having a cup of tea at night sitting in front of the fire with a piece of ginger chocolate.  Mum and I might just be adding crochet to our list of favourite things as she is learning to crochet again.

Dried figs, Google images.

Ginger chocolate, yum, Google images,

I like to cook some meals for Mum when I go home to give her a rest.  She's been cooking for such a long time now and as I have helpers in the kitchen, Charlotte, Genevieve and hubby, I do get a break from cooking every meal.  It's always interesting cooking in someone else's kitchen, even if you grew up there.  There are always different ingredients to use like fresh home grown beef and less access to fresh vegetables.  But a combination frozen and fresh vegetables is good and challenges me to be inventive. 

  I remember a few years back while I was helping Dad and Mum while Mum was recovering from a hip operation, Dad had a glut of zucchinis (courgettes) in the garden.  Everyday he would come into the kitchen with a big smile on his face, very proud of the zucchinis he had picked and they were usually BIG.  I put zucchini into everything.  I added it to bolognese sauce, stir fries, Chow Mien, soup, stews, fritters with beef mince and fritters with potato and zucchini.  I think I even made chocolate zucchini cake.  

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In Mum's kitchen I'm not surrounded by a Labrador and two cats begging for tid bits.  They have two gorgeous cats who live outside and are only allowed inside on very special occasions. I usually get them at least once when I'm home.  Shhhhh!   There is a log just outside the back door called the pussy cat log and they like to sit there in the hope someone will give them attention as they walk by and usually get it too.  :)  I must see if I can get a photo.

Speaking of photos, I'm being challenged by using the smaller camera again while our other better one is being fixed.  I hope I can get some nice photos of farm things and the countryside.  If I'm really lucky, there might be a few wild flowers just starting to come out.  Fingers crossed.

So I'd better finish up here and complete my packing.  There is a novel and some magazines in my hand luggage to read on the plane and I'll have my crochet with me on the train.  From our home in Melbourne to the farm it's about a ten hour journey which includes travelling to the airport, waiting for the flight to leave,  the flight over, a taxi to the train station, waiting for the train and then the train journey itself.  I leave our home at about 6.00am and arrived at the local train station in Western Australia at about 5pm which includes a 2 hour time difference to Victoria.  Then it's a wonderful 10 to 15 minute drive through the countryside to my parents farm and house.  I'll take in the 360 degree views, see Port Lincoln parrots (commonly know as 28 parrots as their bird call sounds like they are saying 28), flying along side us in the paddocks.

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It will be near dusk so we will have to watch out for kangaroos as we drive through the bushy areas along side the road.  And then I'll see the farm house in the distance, the place I spent the first 22 years of my life.
  I might have to open farm gates if there are sheep grazing in the paddocks.  I might see some lambs too and my brothers cows grazing up on the hill.

Someone will be missing though and that is Eddie the emu who died of very old age when I last visited in February this year. 

I have some of his feathers though on my dressing table, a little token to remind me each day of this wonderful old friend who ate apple cores and when he was very young, gum leaves.  He loved shiny things and any jewellery glinting in the sun was a great attraction.  He often was a very naughty bird and when sheep moving was happening in his vicinity, would run around and stir up the sheep something crazy.  I guess he just needed a little excitement in his life, excitement that Dad and my brother could have lived with out.

I'll be back later in the week with tales from the west.  Until then, take care and have a wonderful week,

Anne xx


  1. Have a great time visiting. Hope your parents are well and it's not too cold.

  2. Hey Anne, have a great time visiting your parents, I'm sure they will be thrilled to see you.
    No chance of a zucchini glut at the moment!!
    Tis funny how such little things can give us so much pleasure. I'm with you on the five minute difference and know just where you are coming from....
    Safe travels,

    CLaire x

  3. Wow 10 hour journey, goodness me! Have a wonderful time with your parents. x

  4. Safe journey.
    Love from Mum

  5. It sounds like you're really looking forward to going home - hope you have a great time.

  6. Isn't this the beauty of blogging? I am sitting here on a hot day and reading of you packing gloves and a beanie hat, seeing parrots and mourning an emu. Some really exotic touches there that just make me smile. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy those ginger chocolates!

  7. Hope you have a good holiday!

    Pomona x


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