Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Working companion

Hello, how are you?  Today the sun is shining again which is lovely and it's quite warm, a very pleasant 22C.  I've washed and hung a blanket on the line with the hope that it dries before it cools off late this afternoon.

I thought you perhaps might like to see my working companion.  I need good light when I'm sketching and that usually means on the living/dining table.

Looking for ideas and inspiration.

Fiddling around

Stripey, my purring working companion.  He was so happy to be sitting on me and was smooching my chin.

Yesterday when I made my morning latte, I had a happy little accident with the milk, a heart in my froth.  Unexpected things like that bring a smile to my face.

Anne  xx


  1. What a lovely companion you have. I must admit as it turns chilly here I look for a cat to warm my lap ! Lovely drawings & the ones in your last post...lovely.

  2. Hey Anne, 22 deg. wow, it's warming up.....
    Love your sketching companion a furry hot water bottle, hehe....
    Happy accidents are always fun and its' nice to be able to appreciate those little things in life.

    Claire X

  3. Ha ha Anne...see some accidents really are happy! I do admire your artistic gift : ) Much love Catherine x0x0x

  4. Hello Anne,

    Spring is not wasting any time in showing itself. We got to 29C with lots of dirt and strong winds to go with it! No problems getting my washing dry the last few days...

    I love your sketching, it is nice and relaxing to be doing something you enjoy. I did a bit of crafty painting inside today to escape from the world :)

    I see you have plenty of help there from Mr Puss, and how cute is that heart in your latte, it's the simple things that mean so much :)


  5. Looks like a grand day to me Anne. Enjoy all that lovely sunshine and art companion! :)

  6. Lovely photos of you and stripey! It's nice that you can get on with your sketching while he's there!

    Autumn is fast approaching around here... it's turning chilly and there's just something in the air that makes it feel lie autumn not summer now.

  7. that cat is HUGE Anne!
    And I sometimes get a heart in my froth - it never EVER fails to make me smile too...love fee x

  8. Stripey appears a very well behaved cat, staying nice and still for you :) You're very talented, I would love to be able to draw. x

  9. What a lovely and relaxing way to paint!
    Lovely apples drawing, you are so talented!
    Gill xx

  10. Looks like you had a lovely day!

    Pomona x

  11. Isn't Stripey a treasure? He's so good not nudging your arm for a stroke!

  12. Lovely to see photos of you at work and with Stripey too!
    Have a super day.

  13. What a lovely blog! I love your drawings - and I'm quite jealous of your companion ;) It must be a very calm cat.


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