Saturday, 20 October 2012

Books and mending

I love books especially craft books.  When my parents recently gifted me some money for my birthday, I knew craft books were at the top of my list.  I buy most of my books from the Book Depository because they're are discounted and the postage is free even all the way downunder.  Bonus!  So here are the books I recently received.

Lots of delicious motifs to keep me busy.

A nice easy key of symbols to learn so I can crochet from Japanese patterns one day.
One day I'll make me a skirt just like this.  It's VERY different and I like that.

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I love quilts, just another thing I have to be brave enough to take on.

So much inspiration in these books.  Thanks Dad and Mum.

Last week there was an altercation between a door, a cat and a figurine.  The figurine was made by Nana who is no longer with us and as the figurine was damaged, it was very upsetting to the daughter it was bequeathed to.  I gathered up the pieces from the floor and set about trying to put them back together.  Tools needed for the job, glue, tweezers, toothpicks, emery board and lots and lots of patience.

Doesn't look so good up close but from a distance it will pass.

 Yesterday I went down to Spotlight and bought some fabric to make some summer tops.  If they turn out I might be brave and show them on here.

I hope you are having a fab weekend,

Anne xx


  1. The quilt book is one of my favorites. You will love it! Give it try. :)

  2. Hi Anne , what a lovely post. I like the look of your craft books and hope your tops turn out well. I'm trying to find the time to make a dress ....bit daunting as it's ages since I did any dressmaking but I have some fabric in my stash and a pattern.
    So glad you managed to rescue the figurine.
    Jacquie x

  3. Gorgeous books and what a dear little ornament - very fiddly to mend.

  4. Hello Anne

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've just had a quick look at yours and gee, we may be kindred spirits!

    Two daughters similar in age, love cooking, photographing said cookery, married 25/26 years, beautiful garden (you), envious of it (me). And I think you may like blue and white china too?

    I've added you to my blog list straight away!

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. What lovely books! I had the crochet one, I bought last year from Amazon. Just like you, I so love craft books, too! Reading them we find lots of inspirations, don't we? Can wait to see your new tops, I believe they will come out beautifully as you are great at sewing!
    You did great job on the figurine. It looks good.
    You have a fab weekend, too!
    Best, LS

  6. Those books look great Anne - I'm a great one for craft books too, but mainly from the library now.
    Good job on your mending, you have a lot more patience than I!
    cheers Wendy

  7. I can see you are going to be kept busy with projects from these books Anne........lovely birthday gift.

    Shame about the sweet little figurine, but it looks like you've done the best job must be very patient.

    Claire x


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