Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Milking cows

One of the things I enjoy when coming back to visit the farm is being with farm animals.  My brother has a small herd of Dexter cows and I love the chance to go up to his place when he is milking, makes me feel like a farm girl again.

Here are some photos from the Sunday morning milking session.  Currently being milked are two cows.  One is so tiny my brother has the kneel to milk her.  At the moment the two cows are only providing about 2 litres of milk between them and hopefully the more skittish cow that hasn't yet been tamed enough to be milked will be enticed into the bale soon.

Here are the babies who are separated from their mothers at night.  Aren't they gorgeous.

Here is little cow.

Slightly bigger cow.

 For those of you who have been following my blog for a while may remember this painting I did of my brother milking from a few years ago.  Different cow, same milking shed, same brother.  Unfortunately Teddy the ginger kitty is no longer with us.

This is Elmo the bull.  He has been handled from a very young age and is incredibly docile.  You can hug him and as this photo shows even sit on him, he just doesn't mind.

You can just see Bonnie's nose (Kelpie sheep dog) in the lower right of the photo.

Elmo has come into the bale to have a special treat, a few mouthfuls of oats usually reserved for the cows while they are being milked.

I really enjoyed seeing the cows again although my brother wasn't two happy with the other bull called Voodoo.  He had bulldozed his way through steel railings of the fence in the night to get to a cow in season.   Some major repair work has to be done.  All in the day of the life of a farmer.

Anne  xx


  1. Anne, I'm so enjoying this series of posts "from the farm" - thanks for sharing your stories :-)
    And those little cows have such sweet faces!

  2. Those babies are so cute, they look so velvety. Your painting is fantastic, a skill I wish I had, but sadly don't! xx

  3. The calves are too cute! I love the picture you painted of your brother. I assume that the ropes on the tail and leg are so that your brother doesn't get knocked around while trying to get milk. Too funny!

  4. Oh Anne!! Milking a cow is on my bucket list! I have always wanted to do that, and Dexters are one of my favourite types of cow, they seem so docile and sweet :) The painting you did is absolutly amazing! I'm really enjoying reading your blog, you being something new each day!

    Jerra xx

  5. These photos are lovely Anne, and seeing an actual photo of your brother milking compared to your painting really shows off your skill, the details you've captured in that painting are great!

    PS, sorry I haven't replied to your email, I haven't yet clicked on the links you put in, I'm feeling so stressed at the moment - it'll all be over this time tomorrow and then I can relax again and I'll look at your email again then.

  6. Oh isn't Elmo lovely?
    Anne that painting is terrific. Get back to painting girl, you certainly have a talent for it!!

  7. What a lovely painting, great lighting in the painting.

  8. Goodness me a farmer sitting on a Bull!!! shows what a caring and gentle brother you must have (or a little crazy). Love your painting, a very special talent you have !

  9. Those calves are so cute!
    What a fantastic painting you did of your brother, I love how Teddy is posing.

  10. Hey Anne, love reading about life on the farm......
    The painting is the 'tractor seat stool' and Teddy posing there.


  11. Dexters are such attractive beasts :)

  12. Just great photos of the farm. Those calves are so cute!
    Wonderful the painting you did of your brother milking.


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