Saturday, 23 March 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy, 12/52 ::

Here are four of many happy moments this week.

1.  Creating a little terraced rock garden on a sloping site in the garden, hopefully to improve water run off.

2.  Receiving notification from the library that the next two books in this series were ready for me to pick up.

 3.  Op shopping for scarves for my next controversial sewing project.  :)

4.  Grateful for lamps and candles when the power goes off for over 12 hours.  Happy that for one evening there was no computer of t.v. on.  It was so beautifully quiet and peaceful.

The little lamp on the far left with the red glass chimney I've had since I was a young teen.  So glad I kept it.

Wishing you all many happy moments this week.

Anne  xx


greenthumb said...

Lovely moments, I like the look of your new garden.

willywagtail said...

Good colours there in those scarves. Cherrie

BadPenny said...

Lovely little lamps. I loved powercuts when we were children - they were so exciting ! My brothers & I flashing torches playing hide & seek & my parents with oil fire, gas lamp & battery radio in the kitchen.

Dorothea said...

love the pink scarf a delicate colour

Louise said...

What lovely things this week. I'll look forward to seeing your next controversial project!

There have been lots of power cuts in the UK over the last couple of days due to the snow! I think somewhere, the weight of snow brought down some power lines. We haven't been affected but I do love a power cut as it is nice to be without it for a while, plus unlike many people, we are fully self sufficient for heat, hot water and cooking without power/gas so it's no hardship really!