Sunday, 28 July 2013

My weekend

Last week when I was out and about I passed a lovely fruit and vege shop that also sold flowers.  I couldn't resist buying a couple of bunches of daffodils to brighten up the living room.  They are an unusual yellow, almost with lime green tinges.

Progress has been made out in our back yard in preparation for our new project.  The dwarf Pink Lady apple tree and plumbago have been dug up and transplanted.  The potting shed is in it's new position and completely reassembled by my clever hubby.

There's a bit of a slope here so we'll have to terrace the ground inside.

This afternoon I planted some double polyanthus, did some weeding and pruned a hydrangea bush.  There are a few more to do but they will keep for another day.  I was rather tired by the end of the day as yesterday was spent digging out the apple tree and plumbago with hubby's help.  I then went on a long walk with Sophie on a new route which included some very steep hills.  I've a few muscles aching as a result.
I had another long walk today about midday to participate in a protest march against the McDonalds development in Tecoma.  There were a huge number of people participating, at least several thousand. I'm so proud of our community, not just Tecoma but people from Belgrave, Belgrave Heights, Belgrave South, Upwey, Selby, Kallista, Sassafras and many others from surrounding areas and down the hill.

Hubby took some photos and I'll share just a few so as not to bore you all to tears with our local issues.
The march started in Belgrave

Proceeding along Burwood highway.

And finishing in Tecoma

Wishing you all an enjoyable week,

Anne xx


  1. Here's hoping people power will win the battle Anne......I 've signed the petition and left a comment on their FB page. It's unbelievable that they would just go ahead hen they are so clearly unwelcome.....

    The Daffodils are beautiful, I thought you had grown them and was surprised you had so many already......
    But Spring is around the corner.......Looks like you and hubby have been very busy out in the yard. I must say a dwarf Pink Lady apple tree would be very nice to have growing......
    Enjoy your week,

    Claire X

  2. Those daffs look great in your little jug Anne, and your hubby has done a wonderful job with the shed. Good luck with the protest - I cannot stand the thought of big corps taking over. cheers Wendy

  3. Wow that is a great turnout of protesters, I hope that someone listens...

    Love those daffodils!


  4. Your flowers are so very pretty, what are you going to do ith the shead in its new position.

  5. Aren't daffodils so up-lifting Anne? I too stopped at a vege shop & bought some yesterday & took them out to my daughter...she loved them!
    I am delighted to see your community so passionate about the things that really matter & working together like that. There has been a similar protest in many small towns around NZ recently as people rise up & demand that dairies etc stop selling synthetic cannabis..encouragingly, it's mostly working!
    Have a lovely week friend,
    Much love Catherine x0x

  6. Very dainty daffs & great work on the shed.
    People power - hope you get a good result.

  7. I love daffodils and your shed looks gorgeous! All the best with the protest. I have signed a petition about it. Ree


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