Saturday, 3 August 2013

Winter flowers and backyard activities

There are many lovely hellebores flowering in the garden but they don't take to kindly to being put in a vase so I decided to float some in a glass bowl instead

Lovely camellias in flower.

Welcome colour inside.

Back yard preparations continue for our new project.  We had to dig out some soil to level the site and I assisted by raking.

While we were digging and raking we discovered many earthworms in the soil, always an encouraging sign.  Someone else in the neighbourhood, a beautiful kookaburra took a great interest and came down to investigate.  Hubby feeding him an earthworm.

 He didn't mind a stroke either.

Flying down for another earthworm.

 Such a gorgeous face.

 He didn't mind me stroking him either.  Such a wonderful treat and special moment on a Saturday afternoon getting up close and personal to one of Australia's iconic birds.

Anne  xx


  1. Oh WOW!! How tame is that Kooka? I love them (except when they laugh at 4:30am). Your backyard project is coming along but looks like a lot of work. Was that a lemon tree with lots of lovely yellow fruit on it I spied there ? Look at that lovely soil. You live in a delightful part of Australia.

  2. I've written a post about our visiting kangaroos and carpet snake and have linked in this post of yours. Hope you don't mind. Your visiting kooka is obviously a popular feature with others as he is used to being hand fed I think. Lovely flowers too. cheers Wendy

  3. What wonderful pictures - beautiful flowers and a fantastic bird. Lovely.
    Love from Mum

  4. Ohhhh! What a treat! I cant believe how tame he was, such a special moment! I have never seen one before, we dont really have them here! I am currently making friends with a magpie though.

    Jerra xx

  5. How lovely to have such a tame bird visit! Great photos of it.

  6. That's a very tame kookaburra.

  7. Beautiful flowers. Gorgeous lil kookaburra!

  8. I didn't know they were so people friendly! That's incredible!

  9. How cool to be up close and personal with a kookaburra. My guess is that he has been hand raised, to be that quiet :)

    Our neighbour has a couple of kookas for pets. We often hear them beating out a tune...


  10. Oh thank you for this - what an amazing bird !

  11. Incredible kookaburra pictures! Surely they're not all that tame?

  12. Hey Anne, my Hellebores were in bloom as I left on hols. Love the colours they look lovely floating in the bowl. Hope my Camellias are flowering when I return, I have a turquoise vase I put them in. Great colour combo.
    Your kooka is nice and friendly, I'm sure he enjoyed a meaty treat. I'm keen to know what your new project is going to be.....

    Claire x


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