Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spring in the garden

Hi everyone.  Blogging mojo has been severely curtailed while other things have been occupying my mind and time.  But I thought it was time to show you a little of the garden now that Spring is here.

Arum lilies with begonia in the background.

Close up of the begonia.

The latest camellia planted about two years ago.  It only has a couple of flowers as it is a very little shrub at the moment. 

The front garden with a rhododendron tree in full flower, bluebells, and a red camellia in the background.

The sycamore trees are coming into leaf.

 The studio is slowly but surely being worked on.  Hubby has had some rather painful back and leg problems so work is not progressing as quickly as he would have liked.  Also being in the throes of Melbourne spring weather, we really can't predict whether we will be having four seasons in one day.  On day like that (which inevitably falls on the weekend), it has you scampering in and out of the house to miss the showers of rain or hail.

The floor of the studio is down.

I thought I would leave you with this little posy of rhododendron flowers.

Anne  xx


  1. I do envy, in a nice way, your rhododendrons, begonias and other plants you have in your more gentle climate.your garden looks beautiful! Thankyou too for visiting me, with my sideways painting and all! Love, Mrs A

  2. The lilies are simply beautiful. Mine just grow poor leaves now & never a flower !

  3. What a beautiful garden! Lovely to share all your pretty blossoms just as our garden is falling asleep for the winter.
    Hope hubby feels better soon and the weather settles so that your studio can progress :-)
    Happy weekend,

  4. Great that your studio is taking shape Anne! I love your flowering garden too. Camellias and rhododendrons in particular :)

  5. What a beautiful garden. Hope the studio comes along quickly for you.
    Love from Mum

  6. Your garden still looks nice. I think you must have a garden year round which blooms.


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