Sunday, 1 December 2013

Studio progress

Hi everyone.  Things are getting very exciting now as the studio is nearer to completion.  When I say completion what I mean is that the inside will be ready enough for my craft things to be moved inside.  There will still be plenty of things to finish off inside but at least I will then have a vacant room inside the house which will become our guest room and that will be ready for when Mum visits us soon.

So the work that has been done since I last posted was the completion of the interior walls being installed, primed and one top coat has gone on.  The electrics have been completed and I now have power and lights.  :)  The architraves have been installed around the windows which I painted this morning with the first top coat.  The interior is painted in a very light colour so there is as much reflected light as possible.  If anyone is thinking it's going to look stark, just wait until you see how much colour there is going to be in there when I've finished adding my bits and pieces.  We pick up the flooring Tuesday and it will possibly be laid that day.  Hubby is continuing to work on cutting scotia to cover wall joins and yesterday I undercoated about 14 join cover straps.  So we have been very busy.  Here are some photos of our work.

Applying undercoat to the interior walls which are plywood.  I used a brush because it was hard to push paint into the grain of the wood with a roller.  I graduated to a roller when applying the first topcoat.

I had Sophie for company for a little while until she started moving around and I was afraid she would knock over the paint.
East facing window with architraves installed and first topcoat applied.  You can see the first topcoat has been applied to the walls too.  All those joins will be covered by cover straps.

North facing window which is going to need a very good clean.

Looking south east.  Notice the CD player.  Painting is much more fun when you are listening to Elton John's Yellow Brick Road album belting out at full volume.

Hubby working on cutting the scotia.  You can see all the cover strips I painted yesterday in the left of the photo.

Starting to look better.  There will be a small landing and steps leading down from the doorway but that will take some time yet.

So that's how it's looking at the moment.  More to come soon.

Take care everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. How marvellous to have your own studio. It will be great to have your mother visit too.

  2. Looking fabulous! And how exciting to have your Mum come for a visit. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. It is going to be a wonderful retreat . . . a place for your creative juices to overflow.
    I'm so happy for you :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. It's looking good. And so it should with all your hard work.
    Love from Mum

  5. I bet you can't wait to move in.

  6. It's looking fabulous all painted up. What a wonderful studio you'll have & space in your house for visitors too.

  7. We work better with some music on too, although it's from a very cement/plaster/paint splattered radio!


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