Sunday, 5 January 2014

Catch up

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and from the posts I've had time to look at it seems that you did.

It has been very busy here since I left Western Australia with Mum so she could visit with us here in Melbourne.  The time has gone very quickly and tomorrow she flies home to Western Australia with my sister.  We've loved having her stay with us and the time spent with our family before Christmas was quiet which I think was very much needed after the trip over which seemed to take forever after our flight was delayed by three hours.  It had us arriving in Melbourne at 2.20am which was just little bit late for my liking.  Anyway we recovered and had a very enjoyable Christmas.  

Genevieve took control of the table decoration and I think she did a fabulous job.

Here is Charlotte well and truly getting into the spirit of things.

Boxing Day was spent with hubby's family in Ballarat where we met for a picnic lunch.  Yet more yummy food was consumed and we had a fantastic time relaxing and catching up with family we don't see very often.  It is hard being so far away from family so we certainly enjoy the times when we get together.

We spent New Years Eve at my sisters house and had the most wonderful time.  The weather was perfect and we ate outside.  Mum had a fabulous time enjoying being with family and enjoying the spirit of seeing the New Year in.  We were wondering if some of us would make it though as we were all a bit sleepy.

I've been catching up with Mum while she's been at my sister's house and we went out to lunch at a cafe in lovely garden nursery on Friday.  I came home with two spectacular plants, one I've never seen before and another I've always wanted to buy but never seen available anywhere.  So it was a good day.

I'm very excited to say the studio is finished on the inside and now all my bits and pieces are in their place.  I bought a nice long table, another storage unit and a task light from Ikea which have been assembled and set up.  I also bought an office chair from Officeworks which will not remain black for much longer.  I have much to do in completing this space and making it look how I want it, but the basics are there and it is a truly wonderful space to work in.  My thanks to my wonderful hubby who has made this dream possible and come true.  Here are a few photos of how it's looking at the moment.

We still need stairs to be made to get into the studio but we have something temporary in place until hubby has the time to make them.  The guttering also needs to be done but it too can wait.  My hard working hubby needs a good rest before he tackles those two things.

Hubby made me a key ring for the studio key, a little Christmas gift.  I love it.

I received a beautiful calendar from Louise from Ramblings of a Roachling blog.  We exchange calendars each year which I think is so lovely.  I adore the Christmas paper the calendar was wrapped in the card is just so beautiful.  Thank you Louise, the calendar is gorgeous and is hanging up where I can see it when I'm in the kitchen.

Now that the studio is completed the room that use to house all my craft gear as been removed and made into our guest room.  I was remaking the bed the other day and had to leave the room to attend to something else.  When I came back there was a very suspicious lump under the top sheet.  My suspicions turned out to be correct.

It was Bungee.  This poor baby had to have his teeth cleaned with the possibility of one tooth to be removed at the vet last week.  When I went to pick him up he had had five teeth removed.  I felt ever so sorry for him.  His teeth were in worse condition than what we originally thought.  The good news is he is back to his old self and eating well.

Just one more photo for you.  I planted this pale pink pelargonium only a few months ago from a cutting.  It is flowering profusely and looks so pretty sitting in amongst the blossoms of the pendorea just above.

It's good to be back in blogland and hopefully there won't be such a gap in time between this post and the next.

Anne  xx


  1. The pelargonium is beautiful, that is such a funny picture of your cat lol x

  2. Hey Anne, what a lovely family time you had over Christmas.......happy memories. So nice your mum could come over and spend time with all of you.
    Your studio looks wonderful, nice to have your very own space to create in and claim back a bedroom.
    Hubby has done a wonderful job. I'm sure you'll have everything in it's place and be stitching or painting in no time. Love the key ring,very appropriate and thoughtful.
    Your calendar from Louise is just gorgeous and the wrapping paper too, love it along with the card. So nice to receive parcels in the mail.
    Glad to read Bungee is back to his old self, he's certainly been through the mill. Did you continue to make the bed or let him be?
    Great to see cuttings thrive, the Pelargonium is a pretty pink. I have a Geranium cutting flowering as well, nice bit of colour in the garden.
    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2014 full of creativity......Xx

  3. Looks like you have been having a lovely.

  4. Welcome back & happy new year! Your family Christmas sounds lovely and your new studio is looking fab. Well done to your hubby too. Wishing you a wonderfully creative 2014!

  5. So happy for you to have your Mum there with you for Christmas. I'm sure you relished it! Love your studio and look forward to seeing what you create in it. cheers Wendy

  6. Glad you had a lovely christmas, your craft room is really taking shape and looks great! Your cat did make me laugh hiding in the duvet!

  7. Oh, poor Bungee baby. Our pusscat has had his top teeth removed and he's still coming to grips with it. His bottom teeth now seem to be catching on his gums. Poor boy.
    Love from Mum

  8. sounds like you had a fab Christmas, and the studio looks great. One of my cats loves to sleep under the covers, the lump is such a giveaway!

  9. It's good to hear from you Anne. Sounds like you had a great Christmas with your family and the studio is looking good - how great to have your own place for all things creative. I'm glad the calendar arrived safely. When Dave and I visited Derby back in September we were walking through the big shopping centre and I spotted Ramshaw Rocks from a mile away and knew straight away it was the calendar I was going to send to you! There are some lovely places in it, I wish I'd got one for myself too!

    Glad to hear Bungee is ok after having so many teeth removed, poor thing!

  10. Sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas with everyone! Love how your studio is coming along!

  11. Sounds like you had a lovely christmas/new year.
    Your studio looks great.. I love the photo of your cat peeking out and that pelargonium is such a pretty pink :o)


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