Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A lovely day

Today was simply beautiful with near perfect weather, sunny with a very light breeze, the best weather to finish off the spiral vege garden for Mum.  The soil I had available to fill the garden with is water resistant so it was important to add other things to help the soil.  I found some very old cow manure in an old milking shed which was rock hard and the outer foliage and roots from years and years worth of veges in an old wooden box from when Dad was growing veges.  It was compacted and hard but I was able to break it up to mix in with the soil.  With every layer added I watered well and the result is a garden with soil that still needs work but is much better than it was.  A bag or two of compost and some mulch will finish the job.

If you are interested in the benefits of spiral gardening (they're mostly used for herb gardens) have a look at this link.  As this is the first spiral garden I've built, I'm sure mistakes have been made but it sure was fun if not challenging making it.  It is the perfect style vege garden for Mum as she has limited mobility and will be able to sit on her walker and reach all areas of this new garden.  It is also raised which makes for easier gardening too.  Many spiral gardens at the lowest point to the ground incorporate a pond of sorts in which you can plant things like watercress etc.  Western Australia is so dry that it would dry up in no time so this addition wasn't made.

Very late this afternoon I went out for a quick wander around with my camera and captured these shots.

I might just have to paint this image.

An amazing flower on this cactus.

A beautiful sunset.

These colours are glorious.

Back with more soon.


  1. Gorgeous sunset pics! Your Mum is going to love that spiral garden. Looks pretty great! :)

  2. Lovely photos, that cactus flower is great!

  3. Gorgeous sunset photos Anne xxxx

  4. Looks like you have been busy, the sun setting is so very pretty.


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