Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Morning sky

While I was having my early morning cup of tea this morning, I noticed a golden glow inside our living room.  Looking up and out the window I noticed a sky worthy of a photo or two.

 Half an hour later as hubby was walking to the train station for work, he sent me a text to tell me about this beautiful rainbow in the western sky.

I'm off early tomorrow morning to take hubby to the airport as he is flying to Western Australia to go on a fishing trip with my brother.  They are going down the southwest coast to a place called Warpole where they will be looking to hook some salmon on their rods.  Hubby is hiring a Hippy Campervan for his accommodation at the caravan park.  Louise, can you see/imagine hubby in a hippy van?!!  :)  He has a five hour drive after he gets off the plane so it's going to be a long day for him.  Might have photos to share if I'm lucky.

Anne xx


  1. Oh Anne the photos are so beautiful, what a lovely start to your day
    Karen x

  2. These photos are beautiful, just getting to the camera at the perfect time is quite a feat! Take care, Mrs A

  3. Hi Anna, I love your sky photos, isn't it a beautiful world we live on.
    Hope hubby has a great trip.
    Jacquie x

  4. Beautiful pictures, hope your hubby enjoys his trip xx

  5. Gorgeous pictures of the morning. I love a day that starts out like that. Hope you husband has a fun trip. Sounds like he will. :)


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