Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Visiting York with Mum

Hello, I'm back in Melbourne after a lovely 2 week visit with Mum and extended family.  As planned, Mum and I visited the historical town of York over the ANZAC weekend.  Our accommodation was lovely and set amongst a beautiful garden.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wandering around the town, looking at the river, eating out and visiting a cousin.  Here are some photos from our visit.

The Flour Mill - currently used to exhibit the work of local artists and craftspeople and most importantly a cafe.
I went for a short walk along the river while Mum sat in the car looking at the view and devouring some card making magazines.  Card making is her hobby.  Mum's mobility is limited and as she uses a walker, a stroll along the river along uneven terrain would have been difficult and tiring for her.  I didn't leave her for long.

The river Avon.  Coming out of summer it is very dry in the surrounding countryside.

Reflections on the water.

The Swing Bridge over the river.

A nest just above the river presumably from the last breeding season.

I was surprised to see this pelican so far from the sea.  He obviously found something to eat as can be seen in the next photo.

Mum and I were rather amused at this sign.

Looking down the main street of York.

A lovely example of stone work used on some the buildings in the town.

Having afternoon tea with my cousin.

My cousin is one lucky lady.  Late March/early April last year, Caroline was in a diabetic coma for about three weeks.  When she regained consciousness she couldn't physically support herself or walk, eat, speak, life was very difficult for her.  Over the passed year she has slowly regained the ability to talk, eat whole food, walk and do many of the things we were concerned would not be possible.  She is now living in care and doing very well.  Her speech is a little altered but completely understandable.  Her biggest obstacle is her short term memory loss which means she needs to be cared for on a permanent basis.  She was so surprised to see us as we never told her we were coming and as you can see from the above photo, she is very happy.

Driving around the streets of York we came some lovely old houses like this one, buildings and sheds.

I love the front gate.

A marvellous old shed.
An old wagon or buggy out the back shed.

The Anglican church over the road from our accommodation.  The bells were ringing while we were eating breakfast on Sunday morning.

This is the lovely Catholic church in another part of town.  The service was in full swing when I took this photo.

These photos bring back lovely memories of a wonderful weekend away with my gorgeous Mum.  Thanks Mum for being such a fun traveling companion.

Anne  xx


  1. What beautiful sights to be seen with your Mum. How wonderful to have those precious moments with her. :)

  2. Thank you for the look at York. My grandmother was born there in 1896.

    We have seen Pelicans at Muttaburra, Qld and Innaminka.

  3. Beautiful photos love them x

  4. Looks like you had a great time with your Mum. As always your photos are lovely. Your artistic talent comes through in them.
    Good to see your cousin has made a good recovery. Diabetes is an awful disease isn't it?

  5. What a lovely day with your mum and such a nice surprise for your cousin, it's great that she has made such a good recovery after the coma.


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